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How Much is Too Much?

25th Apr, 2018

As a leading Harley Street skin clinic, Revere are specialists in anti-ageing, but we also offer all kinds of different appearance augmentations. From Aqualyx injections which can help to sculpt and slim the face, to nose fillers, lip augmentation and CoolSculpting by Zeltiq, we help our patients to realise their ideal self-image in lots of different ways.

But most people who come through the doors don’t do so because they want to radically change their appearance. They simply want to look like the best possible version of themselves. This mirrors a broader trend in cosmetic surgery, with more and more patients turning to the kinds of non-invasive treatments we offer here at Revere, rather than traditional invasive surgeries, which declined in popularity by 40% in Britain last year. The trend is often referred to as ‘tweaked, not tucked’, and we love the fact that we are able to give our patients the faces and bodies they want, without surgery or downtime.

We like to act as your gatekeeper, to make sure you look better, not just different. Of course, it’s natural that once you’ve seen the fantastic results of one treatment, you want another, but ultimately, we pride ourselves on always doing what is best for our patients. Procedures at Revere Clinics are only ever administered by experienced doctors, and as such, we have a responsibility to our patients and always put their needs first.

At Revere, we work with you to create a custom treatment plan which will ensure that you achieve the appearance you’ve always dreamed of,

But how much ‘work’ is too much? Sometimes, when someone gets one ‘tweakment’, then another, their goalposts for what they want to achieve keep shifting and they can forget how different they already look from how they did when they started. At Revere, we do have safeguards in place to prevent patients from going too far and regretting their procedures.

The most important of these is our use of ‘baseline’ photos. We always take a ‘baseline’ photo of each patient prior to carrying out any procedure, and we can use these photos throughout our patient’s aesthetic journey to ensure they have a clear picture of their original appearance to refer to. This allows them to carefully consider their decisions, and feel reassured that they have a genuine need for further procedures in order to achieve their original goals.

We can compare different stages of their journey side by side and ensure that we’ve achieved their desired result.  We pride ourselves on the naturalistic beauty of our results.

We always remind our patients of their baseline photos and make sure they’ve taken the time to think their decision through, to make sure they are fully happy with the choices they’ve made.

Enjoy a Sensational Sex life with Geneveve, now at Revere

25th Apr, 2018

Vaginal laxity is a difficult topic for many women to broach. It’s an issue which has been clouded by stereotyping, misinformation and even politics, with the fear of experiencing vaginal laxity often used to prevent women from taking ownership of their own body and enjoying an active sex life. And for the modern women, even worrying about vaginal laxity may seem problematic – as though male pleasure is their key concern. But the truth is, that vaginal laxity can undermine female pleasure and enjoyment, and there is nothing embarrassing or shameful in wishing to regain vaginal sensation.

The myth that sexual intercourse increases the size of the vagina is pervasive, despite having been repeatedly debunked by doctors and physicians. The vagina is elastic, and expands temporarily during intercourse to accommodate your partner, whatever his size. This expansion is temporary, and no amount of intercourse with a partner can cause vaginal laxity. The natural ageing process, childbirth, genetics and muscle weakness, however, can – so there is no reason to feel ashamed if you are suffering from vaginal laxity yourself. The silence around vaginal laxity makes it hard for suffers to seek help – yet vaginal laxity is common, as are the embarrassing incontinence issues which often accompany it.

Muscle weakness, childbirth, ageing and genetics can all play a part in reducing the collagen support fibres in the vagina, and it is this which is the true cause of the vaginal laxity and decreased sensation which many women experience at different points in their lives. It’s normal, natural, and it’s not your fault – but that doesn’t mean you need to resign yourself to it, either. Vaginal laxity can deeply affect a woman’s feelings about her own body, sexuality and pleasure – but Revere Clinics’  Geneveve Treatment, by Viveve, can restore your sensation and sexual enjoyment.

Clinically proven to regenerate vaginal tissue, Geneveve is painless, non-surgical and discreet, requiring no down-time or anaesthetic. By using long-pulse radiofrequency and cryotherapy to gently heat and cool the inside of the vagina, Geneveve stimulates your body’s own ability to create new collagen – creating sustained, significant vaginal tightening and sensation, which 90% of women reported benefitting from twelve months after their treatment in clinical trials.

To deliver the treatment, a tiny probe is inserted into the vagina, with a small plate at its tip. It is inserted just behind the hymeneal ring, delivering warm, painless pulses to the vaginal walls. While you may feel a little swollen afterwards, you won’t experience any pain, and the treatment takes just half an hour. After you’ve completed your treatment, it can take up to three months for the collagen to regenerate, but the effects last from 12-18 months from then.

Geneveve isn’t a cosmetic treatment, as it’s all about how you feel, rather than how you look – and it can truly transform your sex life. With strength and elasticity restored, your pleasure is restored along with it, renewing your sexual enjoyment. Geneveve can have a sensational impact on your sex life – so there’s no reason to suffer from vaginal laxity any more.

Need Your Fillers Corrected? You Need Revere

24th Apr, 2018

When fillers go wrong, the effects can be deeply upsetting. Having trusted your practitioner to help you achieve your ideal look, you’ve instead been left with cheek fillers which are lumpy, lip fillers which look good from certain angles and strange from others or fillers which are sagging – and now you feel ashamed to leave the house. You may think your only option is to wait a year or more for the fillers to wear off. Fortunately, as Harley Street skin experts with decades of experience in dermal fillers, Revere Clinics can help.

How Can Revere Reverse Bad Lip, Face and Cheek Fillers?

Revere Clinics are one of the few UK clinics which understand Hyalase. Hyalase is a brand name for the chemical Hyaluronidase, a prescription drug which causes hyaluronic acid to break down. As dermal fillers are made from a synthetic form of hyaluronic acid, this reverses the effects of dermal fillers. As experts in Hyalase, we inject the solution with extreme caution and precision.

What to Expect from Hyalase

At Revere, our cosmetic physicians have clinical insight into facial bone and muscle structure, as well as in-depth knowledge of how dermal fillers and Hyalase work – and this is why we are able to help patients who have nowhere else to turn. As such, we recognise the importance of giving patients realistic expectations of what the procedure can achieve.

Our process starts with a complimentary consultation where we will examine your fillers and determine whether Hyalase is right for you. Hyalase can cause allergies and is not suitable for all types of dermal fillers, so the brand of your original fillers is important and a patch test will be carried out to ensure you’re not allergic. Next, we will numb your skin (for lip fillers) or leave it as it is (for areas where swelling may impact our ability to work properly), and we will administer a number of small, targeted injections to dissolve your unwanted fillers. Most patients do not experience discomfort during the procedure, and you will likely be able to see some results straight away. The full effects are normally visible within 48-72 hours.

With the help of our experienced doctor, Dr. Sach Mohan, there’s no need to suffer the embarrassment of dermal fillers gone wrong. We’re here to help and find it highly rewarding to be able to help patients get back to their former selves.

Thinking About Tear Trough Fillers? Think Twice

24th Apr, 2018

If you find that the area under your eyes has become particularly dark, hollowed out and sunken with age, you’re not alone. The circles under the eyes, also called tear troughs, are a concern for many people.

Tear trough fillers are often used to fill the hollows under the eyes, and they can restore the volume that is lost as the ageing process begins to take hold. However, before a patient can receive tear trough fillers, the skin around the eyes should be as thick and healthy as possible. Here, we explain the best way to treat tear troughs, and reveal how Ping by Revere can ensure you get subtle yet stunning results from your tear trough fillers.

The Problem with Tear Trough Fillers

In many patients, the skin on and around the eyes is extremely thin and delicate. This means that the area is especially prone to environmental damage and should be treated with extra care and attention.

Tear trough fillers are injectables that use hyaluronic acid to add volume under the eyes. However, while these fillers also improve luminosity and reflectivity, they do not improve the skin’s structure or function. When applied to the area’s thin, sensitive skin, the volumising effects of hyaluronic acid fillers can escalate, causing bulging and puffing known as herniation.

This is not to say that dermal fillers are not an effective treatment for combating signs of ageing—cheek fillers, lip fillers and nose fillers can all have beautifully subtle results. And when administered by an experienced cosmetic doctor who has carefully planned the treatment with a deep understanding of the patient’s facial anatomy and skin quality, tear trough fillers are an excellent solution to a common aesthetic concern. But before these fillers are administered, the skin itself must be healthy and resilient, to prevent herniation.

Fortunately, Revere has created a revolutionary treatment which resurfaces, tightens and thickens the skin around the eyes, making it the perfect complement to tear trough fillers.

Ping, a Solution from Revere Clinics

Developed by Dr. Sach Mohan, Ping is Revere’s signature non-invasive solution to multiple eye area concerns. The treatment tackles signs of ageing such as wrinkles, crow’s feet, skin creping, sagging, dark circles and fine lines. It can thicken the thin skin in the area under the eye, and it can also address issues with the eye opening, like hooding.

In the treatment, an anesthetic numbing cream is applied to the eye area, then the Ping applicator is used on different sections of the eye area for a few seconds at a time. This applicator uses radiofrequency- or laser-driven skin resurfacing technology to release microscopic columns of controlled thermal damage and deep dermal heating, stimulating skin regeneration and collagen renewal.

The Ping treatment only takes around five minutes across two to three sessions. Results begin to become noticeable after about two weeks, and full results can be seen after about six weeks. And while the results of fillers last around 12 months, Ping’s brightening, tightening effects last for several years.

Ping and tear trough fillers truly go hand-in-hand: with Ping’s skin-fortifying capabilities and the volumising effects of fillers, signs of ageing around the eyes are banished. By first strengthening the skin with Ping, we are able to ensure that the fillers sit well for a natural look and reduce any potential risks.

Book an appointment with one of our cosmetic physicians to learn more about how Ping can smooth and improve your eye area. At your consultation, we’ll discuss your needs and design a treatment plan that’s bespoke to you.

Tear trough fillers can have beautiful results if they are used on healthy skin. Consider Ping by Revere for a renewed appearance that makes the skin as strong and bright as it can possibly be.

Prevent, Maintain, Reverse: Your Anti-Ageing Arsenal

24th Apr, 2018

Everyone wants to stay looking younger for longer, yet it’s easy to ignore the initial signs of ageing. When we first start noticing fine lines in our youth, it can feel like little cause for concern – so it may be years before a partner makes a thoughtless comment, or you catch sight of yourself under florescent lighting, and realise that you really should start taking care of your skin. Unfortunately, by that point, neglect has already started to make its mark – so what can you do to recapture your youthful appearance?

There’s a simple three-step mantra which might just save your skin at this point: Prevent, Maintain, Reverse.

Similar yet separate, these different areas of skincare can help you address all of your ageing woes – from loss of volume to fine lines and wrinkles.  Whether you’ve a specific concern in mind, or you simply want to hang on to what you’ve got, there are lots of different ways of ensuring you stay happy with your appearance as you age.

Prevention is Better than Cure

No doubt, you’ve heard the phrase before – and while it’s certainly true when it comes to ageing, it’s also true that not all ageing is preventable. Everyone will end up with lines on their faces eventually, but lifestyle choices can exacerbate the ageing process – not to mention, accelerate it.

Eating badly, consuming alcohol and smoking cigarettes all leach nutrients from your skin, not to mention deprive it of the vital oxygen and water it needs in order to heal and renew itself. Cutting out these harmful habits will help to promote fresh, healthy skin.

Other than lifestyle choices, sun damage is the biggest cause of preventable ageing – you might prefer your skin with a sun-kissed glow, but the sun’s UV rays permeate your skin and damage its elastin fibres and collagen. These substances are both essential for keeping your skin plump and taut – so ensure you always wear a high, broad spectrum SPF when you’re out and about, and avoid getting sunburnt at any cost.

Maintaining What You’ve Got

Taking a pro-active approach to maintaining our skin can work wonders – and while anti-ageing is often perceived as being synonymous with wrinkle-avoidance and treatments, it’s actually a little more multi-faceted. Collagen is vital for maintain the skin’s structure and as we age, its production reduces, which can result in drooping skin, deeper wrinkles and facial troughs.

It’s widely known that Botox can work wonders for wrinkles and creases; relaxing muscles to restrict the facial mobility which can help to create and exacerbate lines. But what can we do to boost collagen production, so that our skin stays full and firm? Make sure you get your five a day (or more!) every day, and drink plenty of water to aid hydration.

Vitamin C and amino acids are necessary prerequisites for collagen production, so aim to eat plenty of leafy greens such as kale, spinach and collard greens, alongside a rainbow of fruit and vegetables. And don’t neglect your omega-3s – nuts, fatty fish and certain seeds will help to keep your skin and body primed.

Reverse the Effects of Time

So far, we’ve discussed what you can do to minimise your exposure to key factors in preventable ageing – but skin ageing is, unfortunately, inevitable. Wrinkles, lines and loss of firmness and elasticity are all part and parcel of growing older, and your genetics are beyond your control.

But that doesn’t mean you need to resign yourself to the effects of ageing. At Revere Clinics, we offer a number of treatments which can help to turn back the clock on your skin.

Dermal fillers, for example, can restore structure and natural volume to your face, smoothing the appearance of lines by lifting and plumping your skin. Hyaluronic acid is the skin’s intrinsic, natural moisturiser; our Juvederm fillers use a synthetic form of the substance, which we expertly apply to areas including laughter lines, nasolabial folds, the forehead, chin and cheeks. Our fillers can be used to augment almost any area of the face you choose, with often instantaneous results.

Juvederm is safely broken down by the body over time, so the procedure isn’t permanent and will require “topping up” – but, at around a year, the results are long-lasting. When skilfully applied by experienced, highly-qualified practitioners like our expert doctors at Revere, dermal fillers are an excellent way to restore youthful volume to your face – and here at Revere we can also reverse the work of poorly performed fillers, too.

Whether your skincare routine is preventative or reparative, it’s never too soon to start seeking the youthful, glowing skin you deserve. Look after yourself to make sure you stay vibrant and vital well into your later years – and when your genes begin to out, there are plenty of ways to give your skin a boost along the way.

Think CoolSculpting Doesn’t Work? Think Again

24th Apr, 2018

CoolSculpting (a fat-reduction treatment from Zeltiq which involves cooling targeted fat cells, causing them to break down and be eliminated from the body) is one of our most popular treatments here at Revere, and our patients see outstanding results. We’ve been practicing the treatment for five years now – in fact, we were one of the first clinics in Europe to see the potential of CoolSculpting and one of the earliest adopters of its technology, so we really understand how it works. But not everyone is convinced of the effectiveness of CoolSculpting. There are a number of reasons for this – and in this blog, we’ll address those reasons, and explain why they are misinformed.

  1. Not all ‘Fat Freezing’ is CoolSculpting™

The technology behind CoolSculpting is cryolipolysis, and Zeltiq spent $70 million researching and developing this technology, which has been reviewed and found to be safe and effective by almost thirty peer-reviewed clinical articles. You can read a few of these independent studies here, here and here. Zeltiq’s CoolSculpting machines are the only machines which can claim to use this technology, with other ‘fat freezing’ machines offering an incomplete and potentially unsafe and ineffectual imitation of CoolSculpting’s proven method.

  1. CoolSculpting™ takes time to work

Another common reason why CoolSculpting results can be misinterpreted, is that the process isn’t an immediate one. Unlike surgical procedures like liposuction, where fat is removed immediately but weeks of recovery and swelling then follow, CoolSculpting has minimal downtime but it takes time for the full effects of the procedure to be seen. The

full effects won’t be in force until around 8-12 weeks. The patient will continue to lose fat throughout this period, so it’s easy for them to forget what they looked like before the treatment. This is why, at Revere, we take a photo before performing CoolSculpting procedures, so that patients can really see how much progress has been made for themselves.

  1. CoolSculpting™ may require repeat treatments

Typically, CoolSculpting removes around half a cup of fat per applicator, per session, so if you have a lot of fat to target through non-invasive means, you’ll need more than one CoolSculpting session. At Revere, we’ve very open with patients about what to expect from their CoolSculpting treatment, and how many sessions they are likely to need to achieve their desired physique – and this is why we have such high patient satisfaction.

At Revere, we know how to use CoolSculpting to achieve optimum results, and the testimonials of our satisfied patients speak for themselves (as do our Before and After pictures, a few of which you can see here!). Ultimately, our aim is to work with our patients to give them the results they want, so we offer an in-depth complimentary consultation to all patients. At your consultation we will discuss your aims and the CoolSculpting procedure with you in depth, so that you fully understand what the treatment can do for you. But have no doubt, CoolSculpting’s effectiveness has been proven time and time again – and it can help you to reveal the body of your dreams.

Going Too Far: Your Health Vs Your Looks

24th Apr, 2018

There have been several high-profile celebrity cases recently where we have seen how the desire to have corrective surgery can spiral into an obsession. What begins as an urge to maintain a youthful look, recover a pre-baby body or fix breathing problems in the nose can snowball, as the self-esteem boost which accompanies physical enhancement becomes compelling. But putting the body through multiple invasive surgeries can have a very real impact on patients’ health, turning a self-image issue into a medical one.

At Revere Clinic, we only offer safe, tested and minimally invasive procedures, performed by experienced medical practitioners – and it’s very distressing for us to consider how some patients are exploited by medical professionals who they have placed their trust in.

Patient-doctor trust should be impeachable – and doctors should always prioritise getting the right result for the patient. That some practitioners put their own greed ahead of the need of their patients is tragic, and their eagerness to encourage their patients in undergoing procedures they may not need is a threat to the reputation of the entire industry.

As medical professionals, we should be working to protect the vulnerable, such as those with body dysmorphia, low self-esteem or negative body image – not taking advantage of them.

Balancing Your Health with Your Appearance

We live in a world where the pressure to look good and stay in tip-top physical condition starts young and mounts throughout our lives. Social media has exaggerated our expectations, and increased the pressure to be photo-perfect – so it isn’t too surprising that millennials are already agonising about ageing in their twenties.

But fortunately, aesthetic science has developed just as rapidly as demand has – so you no longer need to go under the knife to enhance your looks. Most people balk at the thought of invasive cosmetic surgery, but fortunately, that doesn’t mean you can’t get the look you’ve always dreamed of.

Non-invasive procedures, like the ones offered by Revere, are more sophisticated than ever – we now have a thorough understanding of how treatments like laser and Botox work, and their impact on patients’ bodies. This means these treatments are safer and more effective than they’ve ever been before – but it’s vital that patients pick a skilled, experienced practitioner in order to get the right results.

At Revere, the majority of your consultation will involve us listening, so that we can get a clear understanding of your individual needs and expectations. We also think it’s important to educate our patients, who normally don’t have a full understanding of the range of treatments we may have at our disposal, and the results which you, as an individual, are likely to achieve. That way, we can make a tailored treatment plan which meets your needs – and it’s not about radically altering your face. Most of our patients wish to look like a more attractive version of themselves, not a brand new person – so we work with you, to enhance your appearance and reduce signs of ageing, not to transform you entirely.

So, much as we have all seen cautionary tales in the form of celebrities who were trailblazers when cosmetic procedures were in their infancy, the mistakes of these pioneers have enabled our industry to progress. We are now able to offer safe, discreet and reversible non-invasive options – allowing you the benefits of an enhanced appearance, without the risks surgery can pose to your body and your mental health.

MiraDry vs Deodorant: The Whole Truth

23rd Apr, 2018

British people are using more cosmetics than ever before – in fact, the average British woman now spends £70,000 on her appearance in a lifetime, and men are quickly closing the gap. We’re now using dozens of products a week, so it is perhaps unsurprising that we rarely stop to think about those products and what they could be doing to our health.

There has been a question hanging over antiperspirant use for many years now – can it damage our wellbeing, and does it damage the environment? With the average person using 254 cans of deodorant in their lifetime, there’s a dire need for real answers. Antiperspirant use has been linked to breast cancer, accused of changing the makeup of our body’s natural bacteria and proven to contain noxious gases which contribute to global warming. Yet still we continue to use it. Why?

How Toxic is Your Deodorant?

Toxins in deodorants have been linked to health issues ranging from minor to very serious, with the link between breast cancer and antiperspirant use proving the most worrying.

The link between antiperspirant use and breast cancer is complicated, and it is difficult to definitively prove that antiperspirant use is a deciding factor in increasing incidences of breast cancer.

Aluminium, which is known to have a geotoxic profile [2], is the compound responsible for blocking the eccrine (odor-causing) sweat glands in many deodorants and antiperspirants. Along with parabens (which are also present in many antiperspirants, and have estrogen-like qualities which may cause breast cells to grow and divide), aluminium is being investigated as the possible culprit behind the breast cancer/deodorant link.

Even if aluminium’s link with breast cancer is yet to be definitively proven, the compound has other toxic properties, and has been shown to be a neurotoxin which can alter the function of the blood-brain barrier [3]. It’s also been shown to kill the microbes which occur naturally on our skin, which scientists theorise could affect everything from how our bodies handle disease to how our genes evolve.

Is There an Alternative?

These health concerns have been well-publicised, but aren’t enough to dissuade most people from using deodorant. After all, the immediate concern of being labelled smelly or unhygienic often outweighs the fear of the long-term consequences of deodorant use. But what many people don’t realise is how ineffective deodorant is, anyway.

Did you know that the FDA only requires that a product reduces sweat by 20% in order to be labelled with ‘all day protection’? Or that an “extra strength” antiperspirant need only reduce wetness by 30%? The sad fact is, that despite potentially jeopardizing our health, deodorant doesn’t even live up to its own claims.

MiraDry: A Longer Lasting Solution

Enter MiraDry – a long lasting, non-chemical solution to excessive underarm sweating. FDA-approved and non-surgical, MiraDry works by eliminating the underarm sweat glands, using electromagnetic energy. The treatment takes about an hour, and you’ll notice a reduction in sweating immediately. Your underarm sweating will be reduced by at least 82%, with none of the risks of surgery, and once eliminated, the sweat glands do not grow back. MiraDry targets both eccrine and apocrine glands, to stop wetness and odour.

It’s a common misconception that we need these sweat glands, or that removing them will increase sweating elsewhere. However, the function of sweating is to cool our bodies down – and just 2% of our sweat glands are located in the armpits, meaning they are responsible for a very small proportion of our temperature regulation. Nor will your body compensate by sweating more in other places.

So if you’re ready to bin your deodorant and opt for an armpit-friendly, non-surgical solution that can last a lifetime, get in touch with Revere to arrange a complimentary consultation – and kiss those parabens goodbye!




The Truth About Celebrity Instagram Doctors

22nd Apr, 2018

It’s no secret that Instagram is helping to fuel the trend for aesthetic procedures in Generation Z, and our younger patients often cite celebrities as the inspiration for their lip fillers or preventative Botox. Celebs can help raise awareness of the benefits of non-invasive aesthetic treatments, which can be very helpful for young people – but some celebrities are taking their power as influencers too far, using their position to endorse specific doctors in exchange for cash.

This can have unfortunate consequences for individuals who believe these endorsements, forking over huge sums of money in the belief that it will help them look like their favourite celeb. It’s natural to think that if you use Kylie Jenner’s lip doctor, you’ll wind up with the same lips as Kylie J – but sadly, this isn’t always the case, and it’s not the way to find a good doctor. It’s a well-known fact that the Kardashian-Jenners are paid for their social media endorsements, with Forbes estimating that 20% of Kylie’s $18 million income last year came from this source.

Kim Kardashian, in particular, is known for her no-holds-barred approach to promoting her cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Simon Ourian, tagging him on social media every time she pays him a visit. Dr. Ourian himself referred to the day Kim walked into his surgery as ‘the day he won the lottery’, but his salubrious relationship with the Kardashians doesn’t seem to have benefited their trusting fans quite as much.

According to reviews on Yelp, despite a $500 consultation fee, ordinary people who book with Dr. Ourian don’t get a consultation with the man himself. Instead, they’re seen by an assistant – and many say his overpriced treatments left them utterly unimpressed. User Aida A. sums the service up, saying ‘wouldn’t recommend this place, they do a mediocre job and if you’re not Kim Kardashian then forget ever seeing Dr. Ourian because us “normal” people aren’t good enough for his time. They hype everything up on social media and overprice everything’. She even goes on to state that Dr. Ourian’s office has previously contacted her demanding that she remove negative reviews.

This exemplifies why it’s so important to choose a doctor who knows what they’re doing, not one who has paid a celebrity to promote them. A qualified doctor who cares about your wellbeing will always take the time to meet with you prior to performing any procedure, and will explain in person what will happen at your appointment, alongside any risks or side effects you may experience. Whether you come to Revere for slimming Aqualyx injections, nose fillers or lip augmentation, you will always receive an in-depth complementary consultation with the doctor who will perform your procedure – Dr. Sach Mohan. It’s important that your doctor actually sees your face before working on it – how else can you expect tailored, stand-out results?

If you’re looking for Kylie’s lips or Kim’s hips, the place to start is not on the waiting list of a doctor who is paying them, but at the clinic of a qualified specialist who can deliver bespoke treatments which will give you real results. At Revere, we take the time to make sure that we follow through on our promises – and our exceptional results might help you build up quite an Instagram following of your own.


21st Apr, 2018

The hugely anticipated Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery Guide by Tatler is finally out and here at Revere Clinics, we are proud to be featured in it twice!

The Guide has long been considered as the ultimate ‘who’s who’ bible of the surgical and non-surgical beauty world. Dr Sach Mohan is delighted to be part of this year’s edition. Pop into Revere Clinics to flick through the Guide.

A defining moment in anti-ageing

At Revere we know that the ageing process of the face causes inevitable volume redistribution: we are losing facial fat in the upper face and gaining it along the lower cheeks, jowls and chin areas. For many years, physicians have been restoring facial proportions with dermal fillers alone, masking the effects of fat gain rather than adequately addressing them.

The new Fat Loss Facelift™ has revolutionised this approach, allowing us to tackle the excess fat that causes the middle age sag. Pioneered by Dr Mohan and available exclusively at Revere Clinics, this treatment involves a series of precisely targeted injections of Deoxycholate (the key ingredient in products such as Aqualyx and Kybella) to dissolve undesirable fat from the chin, lower cheeks, jawline and neck in one single session. The body naturally then removes the dead fat cells over the next eight weeks to give the final result. View our patients’ impressive results and before and after photos.

Tightening down below with Geneveve™

Our new Geneveve by Viveve™ treatment has become the hottest topic in town. This non-surgical procedure treats vaginal laxity and stress urine incontinence in one single session. It works at the cellular level to tighten the vaginal tissue gently and gradually without surgery. The Geneveve treatment uses patented deep heating and surface cooling technology to stimulate your body’s natural collagen formation process. This painless treatment takes 30 minutes with no anaesthesia or downtime required.

For more information about any of the treatments available at Revere Clinics, please contact our dedicated team in Harley Street on 0207 486 8282  today.

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