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About the TreaTment

If you’re looking to correct an uneven skin tone gently yet effectively, Revere’s skin brightening and hyperpigmentation treatments in our London clinic are ideal for you. Designed to treat hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and sun damage, our treatment options are tailored to any skin type and concern.

We are proud to be the first clinic in the UK to embrace Pico Genesis with enlighten™ picosecond laser technology for pigmentation removal. Our unwavering dedication to providing targeted skin pigmentation treatments led us to invest in the very best, ensuring not just effectiveness but unparalleled comfort for all skin types. 

For those looking for a more comprehensive treatment option for more mature or scarred skin, resurfacing with the CoolLaser will in addition to treating your hyperpigmentation, improve your skin’s appearance while also enhancing skin hydration and texture, making it a holistic solution for those affected by excessive sun exposure, acne scarring, and age spots.

How does it work

Fortunately, there are two treatment options to address hyperpigmentation issues at Revere Clinics. Pico Genesis is our primary solution for correcting concerns about skin pigmentation, harnessing its unique ability to break melanin into tiny particles that are sloughed off or absorbed into the body, leaving your skin lighter, brighter and more even.

Pico Genesis™ works by targeting the excess melanin in your skin, the pigment that gives our skin colour, but when it occurs in high concentrations it can result in dark spots and uneven skin tone, which can cause concern.

Pico Genesis™ has the added bonus of promoting smoother, brighter skin immediately, as well as addressing pigmentation. The full results of your treatment will be visible in just three weeks.

Elsewhere on the internet, you may see Q-Switch technology being promoted. This, in actual fact, is a treatment dating back over 20 years which treats the skin with a combination of light and heat. However, while this is effective for treating some pigmentations, it can make others worse – and in some cases, the heat from Q-Switch lasers can transfer to surrounding skin structures, damaging the tissue. However, in skin types where the inherent pigment condition is not sensitive to heat, and where skin texture, scarring and fine lines are an issue then a fractionated or ablative solution such as CoolLaser can be a great option.

Cool Laser is an erbium laser which is very similar to CO2 technology in the sense that it targets water within the skin. It’s the strongest laser that we offer at Revere Clinics, but unlike the Pico Second technology, it can involve prolonged periods of downtime and recovery. 


Our skin brightening and hyperpigmentation treatments in London use advanced laser treatment techniques to correct a wide array of skin issues, including fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and uneven skin texture. These treatments are highly effective in reducing dark patches and unwanted pigmentation caused by melanin production, making them suitable for various skin types. This includes those with darker skin tones or individuals experiencing hyperpigmentation due to excessive UV light exposure. It’s important, however, for patients with recent skin injury or specific medical conditions or those who are pregnant or breastfeeding to discuss their eligibility for these skin treatments, as such factors might impact the treatment’s suitability.

To achieve the best outcomes, we typically recommend two to three Pico Genesis™ sessions. For sustained results, continuing maintenance treatments coupled with a bespoke skincare routine are suggested. During your complimentary consultation, a personalised treatment plan will be developed to address your specific skin pigmentation concerns, aiming for an even skin tone and mitigating issues like post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Most clients find these skin pigmentation treatments to be virtually pain-free, likening the sensation to a quick snap. For enhanced comfort during the process of treating skin pigmentation, we can apply a topical anaesthetic to the treated area.

Side effects are temporary and typically resolved in a few hours. Most patients experience mild redness and swelling immediately following the treatment. An ice pack may be applied immediately after the treatment to ease any discomfort. You should then keep the treated area out of the sun and apply a high-factor sunscreen for extra protection.

In a few days, the pigment will appear darker. This is also temporary and is a sign the treatment is working. The darker spots will appear to flake off over a few days.

Whilst you may experience mild redness and swelling for a few hours, you’ll be fit and ready to continue your day immediately after your treatment.

The enduring benefits of our skin pigmentation treatment, such as Pico Genesis™, can last for several years, though this varies based on skin type, age, and lifestyle factors, including sun exposure and smoking. Ensuring diligent sun protection and adhering to a recommended skincare routine is key to maintaining the significantly improved appearance of your skin.

Skin pigmentation refers to the colouration of the skin, primarily determined by melanin production. Variations can lead to issues like hyperpigmentation, resulting in dark patches or skin discolouration. Our clinic offers a comprehensive pigmentation treatment plan that includes laser treatments and chemical peels, effectively reducing unwanted pigmentation and correcting uneven skin tones.

Absolutely, chemical peels are an effective solution for various skin concerns, including skin discolouration. By removing the outermost layers of the skin, chemical peels stimulate the regeneration of new, healthier skin layers, making them a key component of our pigmentation treatment strategy.

Laser treatments target specific pigmentation issues by breaking down excess melanin that causes dark spots and uneven skin tone. These non-invasive procedures are precise in treating the affected areas without causing skin inflammation, making them a popular choice for correcting skin pigmentation.

Managing skin inflammation post-treatment is important for the healing process. Our specialists recommend a gentle skincare routine, avoiding direct sun exposure, and using anti-inflammatory products to soothe the skin. These practices are essential after treatments like chemical peels and laser therapy to ensure a smooth recovery and effective pigmentation correction.

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