Buttock Lift & Hip Dip Correction

A refined approach to redefining your rear.

Find out how to achieve a lifted, more voluminous derrière, without the extended recovery of invasive surgery.


Sculptra, Lanluma,Biodermogenessi®






Up to 3-5 Years





About the TreaTment

In the quest for the perfect silhouette, many are drawn to Fat Transfer Surgery to enhance buttocks or correct hip dips. Yet, this approach isn’t without its share of risks. As always, putting your safety and aesthetics on the same pedestal, Revere have curated and introduced treatments like Sculptra and Lanluma into our repertoire. These are not just alternatives; they’re game-changers, promising the similar results of  surgical methods, without the baggage of complications or extensive recovery times.

Whilst both treatment options are safe, long-lasting and provide remarkable results, there are small differences: Laluma is the newer, less expensive option which 90% of our patients opt for. Dr Mohan has worked with Lanluma for 3 years so far, and has 17 years experience working with Sculptra. As always, the product we use for your treatment is entirely up to you.

How does it work

After we’ve had a chat about your desired look, a friendly Revere practitioner will begin transferring your chosen solution into your rear using micro-invasive injections of the active ingredient found in these two treatments, PLLA. This will stimulate collagen production in the treated area, in precisely the soft tissue under the skin.

The advantage of harnessing your own Collagen rather than fat gives results that strengthen and firm the skin and addresses mild cellulite changes and even stretch marks. The entire process is brief and relatively pain-free –  leading to fantastic results which improve over time, including tighter, thicker skin, and a plumper outer appearance with fewer dimples.

We use two products at Revere:


Sculptra is the original PLLA Biostimulatory filler that has been available in Europe for over 24 years. Our founder, Dr Sach Mohan has been using the product for 17 of those 24 years, specifically in patients with a condition called Facial Lipodystrophy and is regarded as one of the most experienced Injectors in Europe of the product.


Lanluma was launched in the past 3 years, and although it essentially contains the same ingredient as Sculptra it is the more cost effective alternative.

Before & After


Both treatments are performed in an identical manner. The vials are prepared a few hours before the treatment. After your consultation to understand your desires and expectations. youre stood in front of the mirror where the shape and contours of the buttocks and hips are assessed and mapped. We proceed to the treatment by anaesthetising the injection points, and then we proceed to the treatment injections. Your only job is to massage the area regularly for 10 days after each session.

During your consultation, your Revere Clinician will determine how many vials are recommended to give you your result. It is a joint decision whether to perform the treatment across 1, 2 or more sessions.

We’ve observed and evaluated many Hyaluronic Acid based fillers supposedly designed for the body. We’ve noted the Aesthetic outcomes being quite undesirable, these ingredients require a significant amount of product and water attracted to the area inevitably cause more weight and a droop of the buttocks rather than a lift.

Temporary downtime of bruising is sometimes seen. Historical Clinical papers have reported the incidence of bumps or granulomas, but with hyperdilution preparation methods, we’ve not seen this in years.

From over 6 years experience performing Butt Lift treatments, we say the results typically last 3-4 years, and patients typically perform a small “top up” every 2 years thereafter.

Why Choose Revere Clinics ?

At the heart of what we do at Revere, is you, our valued patient. We recognize that everyone has their own unique vision of beauty, and so we avoid following trends or asserting our opinions. Instead, we encourage our patients to share their desired looks and take our cues from there.  When you get a Butt Lift at Revere, you’ll feel listened to and understood leaving with the exact look of your dreams. 

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