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Whatever type of stretch mark you have, we have a solution - called ABSolution™.

Learn about the various type of stretchmarks and the unique protocols we have developed for them.


ABSolution™, Biodermogenessi®, V-Beam, Cool Laser, Morpheus8


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About the TreaTment

Let’s face it. Not all stretchmarks are the same. They vary in age, colour, depth and damage. As a result we have a toolbox; – and that toolbox is called the ABSolution™.

Think of it as a swiss-army knife of the best treatments on the planet. This enables us to create to a bespoke plan for you, based on your skin needs, nature and ability to have any social downtime.

For fresh, red stretchmarks we utilise V-Beam. If you have older, light-coloured stretchmarks we will likely use Cool Laser, If you have older, crepe-like skin then we’ll use Morpheus8. However, resurfacing lasers require an element of downtime, as we’re causing controlled hyper healing with the strength of the lasers.

However, if you’re strictly looking for a ‘0-downtime solution’, and would like to address cellulite, improve colour of stretchmarks and can afford to come in on a weekly basis, then Biodermogenessi® is our recommendation.

How does it work

Fresh stretchmarks are predominantly caused by initial trauma to the dermis and the body increasing blood supply to the area. A V-beam simply closes off that excess supply and rejuvenates the dermis.

You may get bruising after each treatment, but a course of 3-6 sessions performed monthly is more than adequate.

For deeper, older stretch marks, the priority is to remodel and regenerate the thinned collagen matrix. This essentially requires a little more trauma to break the scars and trigger a renewed blood supply and ask the skin to hyper-heal. This can be done in two ways: The CoolLaser drills microchannels into the stretchmarks, that resurfaces the stretchmarks and recovery time can reach a week. Alternatively, if we need to retract skin that has become crepey, we may need to work under the skin surface to contract the skin tissue, this is where Morpheus8 comes in, – where micro-needles are placed under the skin to build collagen back up.

With both treatments, a few sessions will be needed, and don’t be surprised if Dr Mohan recommends both for the most effective results.

For new or old stretchmarks where there are no textural issues (and for patients who cant afford any downtime) we’re one of the first clinics in the UK to offer Biogenesis, which uses vacuum-assisted electromagnetic field therapy, which offers 0 downtime, 0 discomfort –  treatment that offers the first of its kind tissue regenerative technology, which helps restore the basement membrane and the lost pigment in the stretchmarks.

This treatment may require 10 sessions and ideally you’ll need to attend the clinic, weekly or fortnightly, to get the results.

Electromagnetic therapy works by rejuvenating the skin cell membranes ability to allow nutrients and oxygen to enter the cells and help expel waste. All forms of growth factors and cytoplasm are released that help remodel the skin and soft tissue beneath, which is why its our go-to choice if you want to help recontour skin irregularities and even cellulite.

Before & After


ABSolution™ has been carefully developed and tested by the experienced cosmetic doctors at Revere Clinics. It is a safe and effective treatment for stretch marks and sagging skin.

While safe and non-invasive, the different stages of Tritensive can induce some minor side effects. Redness, dryness and peeling are to be expected as the skin is healing itself. However, all side effects of Tritensive are transient.

Results will begin to manifest approximately halfway through the treatment.

Stretch marks are notoriously difficult to treat, and the effectiveness of your treatment depends on the depth and extent of your stretch marks. Your practitioner will discuss the likely outcome of your treatment at your complimentary, in-depth consultation. Despite the difficulty of eliminating stretch marks completely, Tritensive produces exceptional results, and most patient’s marks see a dramatic improvement over the course of the treatment.

The recovery period will usually depend on the total level of energy applied, the condition that is being treated, as well as to the individual characteristics such as skin type. As a result there is a range in the recovery that will vary from no recovery period to 2 weeks. Some patients may experience bruising or redness that lasts for several days up to several weeks, while others may only have slight redness for a few hours.

Anywhere on the body that can experience stretchmarks, we can treat. From your abdomen, back, breasts, hips and buttocks, to your thighs, and both under and upper arms.

Why Choose Revere Clinics ?

With 17 years of experience and the world’s best technologies, you’ll struggle to find a clinic more adept at skin rejuvenation. Whilst absolute perfection is impossible, we  are masters in understanding skin colour and stand unrivalled in offering genuine, effective solutions.

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