At Revere Clinics, you won’t find any cookie-cutter treatments here. Instead, we respectfully challenge the face of convention, and when the rulebook doesn’t fit, we craft our own. It’s all about delivering unparalleled experiences tailored just for you, because let’s be real, you’re one of a kind. 

“At Revere, we’re not just about skin deep solutions. We’re about deep rooted science, character building and a touch of confident audacity.”

While the world of dermatology is often swayed by the latest celebrity trend, we’re blazing our own trail, grounded by a rock-solid, patient-centric philosophy. Because at Revere, it’s not just about looking good, it’s about feeling absolutely fabulous, inside and out.

Sach Mohan - Revere Clinics Harley Street

When you step into Dr. Sach Mohan’s clinic at Revere, you’re not just another appointment on the calendar—you’re joining a very special club. Dr. Mohan, with his trademark genuine charisma and warmth doesn’t just listen; he deeply connects. Envision an expert who breaks down the most advanced procedures with the candour and humour of a close family chat. That’s Dr. Mohan for you.

A global luminary in cosmetic medicine, Dr Mohan’s every recommendation springs from a single mantra: “What’s best for you?”

Revere isn’t about fleeting beauty trends or the latest buzz. Here, beauty is about enhancement, not compromise. We recognise the pitfalls of an industry that sometimes veers towards the superficial, and that’s why we’re different. We’re about wisdom, safety, and that unyielding commitment to you. At Revere, we cherish the beauty of understanding—the ebbs and flows of your skin and the unique nuances of your face and body. Here, it’s not just about ‘looking’ the part; it’s about being informed, understanding options in terms of results, risks, recovery, and cost.

We know placing your face in our hands is a pivotal decision. And the trust you place in us? That’s sacred. 

So, come on in, because here, you aren’t just treated; you’re revered!