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About the TreaTment

Over 12 years, we have treated thousands upon thousands of patients from all over the world who have come to our London clinic, drawn by our quite remarkable results in non-surgical fat reduction and patient satisfaction. Our protocols are completely bespoke to your needs, and all will begin with a thorough consultation. During this session, we’ll analyse and assess the skin and body fat status to determine which fat reduction treatment or order of treatments we recommend. 

How does it work

At Revere, we offer three main treatments for the reduction of body fat:


Dr. Mohan is one of the most innovative CoolSculpters on the planet. The CoolSculpting fat-freezing technology lets us treat everything, from your double chin down to your knees. Dr. Mohan’s pioneering work in non-surgical fat reduction has been demonstrated in a study conducted with his peers across four continents, showcasing how to effectively target and eliminate stubborn fat cells. This study, the largest and most extensive conducted outside of the US in large-volume fat reduction, demonstrates to other surgeons and doctors the method for achieving up to one litre of fat removal, establishing CoolSculpting as a safe and reliable method for non-invasive fat removal.


In the US, there’s a wonderful product called Kybella, a non-surgical liposuction treatment which is a fat-melting injectable solution that disrupts the wall of the fat cell and causes it to die. Unfortunately, the FDA studies and subsequent approval were only signed off for the double chin, in very low doses, necessitating patients’ return for further treatment. The other odd limiting factor is the prohibitive price point. In Europe, however, we’re very lucky, we’ve had an almost identical compound called Aqualyx, containing the same active deoxycholic acid.

At Revere, we have trademarked the Fat Loss Facelift™ and MELT™, standing for Muscle Etching Lipolysis Treatment. This is a one or two-session treatment performed 8 weeks apart to help those athletic bods achieve the muscle definition that their hard work in the gym deserves.


We often see patients looking for non-surgical treatments to reduce their wobbly bits and tighten or retract loose skin after weight loss, pregnancy, or lifestyle changes. For these patients, we recommend Morpheus8, a non-invasive fat removal technology that can be used virtually everywhere on the face and body. This method uses insulated microneedles which are superheated to melt layers of fat, effectively targeting treated fat cells up to 3mm in depth at a time. If more than three sessions are required, then Dr. Mohan will often recommend a session of CoolSculpting® fat freezing treatment before reverting to Morpheus8, to ensure the most effective fat reduction procedure.


The most commonly treated areas at Revere include the abdomen, back, flanks (love handles), inner and outer thighs, chin, chest, knees, and arms, addressing unwanted body fat through non-surgical liposuction treatments like CoolSculpting, known for its effectiveness in fat freezing and fat removal.

Short answer, yes. With over 4 million treatments performed worldwide, our protocols, including fat-freezing treatments and non-surgical fat reduction, all boast a well-proven safety record. These FDA-approved methods are non-invasive, require no needles or anaesthesia, and eliminate any risks often associated with surgical procedures, making them a safe and reliable method for fat reduction.

Everybody is different. Most patients benefit from one to three sessions for each area of concern but the exact amount can only be determined after a personal consultation chat with a member of our team. We recommend that patients wait at least 60 days before retreating to any area. You can do several areas in one go, but we would recommend that you treat one area well, rather than multiple areas sparingly.

Results from our fat reduction treatments can appear as early as 3 weeks post-treatment, with the most noticeable outcomes observed after 12 weeks. At this stage, a follow-up review with a Revere practitioner will assess your progress, comparing before and after photos to showcase your fat reduction journey’s success.

While surgical liposuction can remove larger quantities of body fat – up to 8 litres, our non-surgical fat reduction treatments can eliminate up to 25% of fat cells in the treated area per session. Achieving desired results typically requires several sessions, compared to the one-time procedure of liposuction, highlighting the non-invasive approach’s convenience and effectiveness.

Ideal candidates for our fat reduction treatments are those looking to eliminate stubborn fat pockets without the weight fluctuations that can undermine results. Our treatments are designed to target and destroy fat cells, offering a solution to stubborn fat that resists diet and exercise.

Downtime varies by treatment: Morpheus8 may require about a week, MELT™ around 9 days, and CoolSculpting® could lead to 24-72 hours of mild swelling and soreness. The specific recovery period for each fat freezing or fat reduction treatment will be detailed during your consultation, ensuring you’re fully informed about the process and recovery expectations.

Adopting a healthy diet is essential in complementing the effects of fat reduction treatments. A balanced, nutritious eating plan supports the body’s natural processes and enhances the overall results of treatments. Alongside fat reduction procedures, a healthy diet helps sustain the achieved results, ensuring long-term benefits and promoting a healthy lifestyle that contributes to overall well-being and body confidence.

CoolSculpting fat freezing is distinguished by its unique method of controlled cooling, which precisely targets and eliminates fat cells without invasive surgery. This innovative approach effectively reduces excess and unwanted fat by destroying fat cells in targeted areas. Once the fat cells are destroyed, they are naturally eliminated from the body, resulting in a noticeable reduction of fat. The precision and effectiveness of CoolSculpting make it a preferred choice for those looking to safely and efficiently reduce stubborn fat pockets.

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When you book with Revere, you’re investing in unparalleled precision, seasoned experience, and a genuine commitment to your weight loss journey. We’re experts at our craft and have helped countless patients conquer their weight challenges, with the magic of CoolSculpting, Melt and Morpheus8.

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