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About the TreaTment

Neurotoxin injections have been around as long as our industry, UK advertising law don’t allow products to be mentioned by name, but there are 3 major brands available. Each one has its own subtle nuances, which will be discussed with you at your consultation. One will be chosen based on your unique needs and responses to your past experiences.

When you visit Revere for your Neurotoxin treatments, our award-winning practitioner will work with you to determine the best neurotoxin treatment and plan for your individual needs and goals. Treatments at Revere are pain-free due to Dr Mohan working his magic with the only finest and most expensive “invisible” needles on the planet.

How does it work

The muscles underlying the skin has a huge contribution to our facial appearance and wrinkles. Simply put, its excessive muscle activity that causes the creases of the skin, or the exaggerated size and tone of the muscle that has a baring of the proportions of the face and its contours.

Neurotoxin injections require great finesse as the assessment of the muscles of face and neck determine how much and where we inject the product. There are 13 different areas of the face that a master injector assesses, beyond what your standard practitioner routinely jabs, such as frown lines, crows feet and the forehead.

Each treatment listed below is designed to provide natural-looking results, with minimal downtime and discomfort by simply injecting the product into isolated overactive muscles, that relax the muscles resulting in the smoothing of appearance:


Browlift is a neurotoxin treatment that is designed to lift and shape the eyebrows. It works by relaxing the muscles that pull the eyebrows down, resulting in a more lifted, youthful appearance.

Forehead lines, Frown lines, Crow’s feet, Bunny lines, Marionette lines

These neurotoxin treatments are all designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the face. They work by relaxing the muscles that cause these wrinkles, resulting in a smoother, more youthful appearance.

Gummy smile, Lip flip, Chin dimpling

These are treatments that don’t really treat lines, but they lower the resting tone of the muscle at rest, and then also inhibit excessive muscle contracture.

Jaw slimming

Also known as Masseter slimming, is a neurotoxin treatment that is designed to slim the jawline by reducing the size of the masseter muscles. This can help to create a more feminine, contoured appearance and even treat jaw grinding, also known as Bruxism. To also learn of our other solutions to slim the face, click here.


Neurotoxin treatments can also be used to treat migraines. They work by blocking the signals that cause migraines, resulting in fewer and less severe headaches. The injections are in the hairline, back of the head, and the neck muscles too.

Nefertiti Neck lift

The Nefertiti Neck lift is a neurotoxin treatment that is designed to enhance the appearance of the jawline. It works by relaxing the platysma muscle, which can help to reduce the appearance of sagging skin and jowls.

Patients can also use neurotoxins as a temporary treatment for excessive sweating.

Depending on the product of choice, the neurotoxin takes action within 24 hours and within 7 days, wrinkles begin to subside at about the day 7 mark, and for other applications such as muscle size reduction this can take up to a month to show.


The duration of results vary from each person to the next but we guarantee a minimum of 3 months, on average we see 4 and up to 20% of our patients see 6 months.

The treatment involves tiny injections, which may cause some discomfort but are typically well-tolerated. We use the finest of all needles in all our procedures.

Yes, neurotoxin treatments are safe when performed by a qualified and experienced clinician.

Experienced clinicians will assess your individual needs and goals to determine the best neurotoxin treatment plan for you.

There is typically no downtime associated with neurotoxin treatments, and you can usually return to your normal activities immediately after treatment. The first signs of smoother skin will reveal themselves around three days after treatment.

There may be some temporary side effects such as tiny mosquito type bites, that last no more than 10 minutes. One in 20 may bruise. The skin may develop a sheen in larger doses.

Why Choose Revere Clinics ?

We identify the subtle nuances.  The dosage, dilution and location of the injections, coupled with an intense analysis of your face means that you’ll always get the the most thorough consultation for the application of neurotoxins and it’s potential benefits.

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