Treatments for excessive sweating by Dr Sach Mohan

Long-lasting solutions to excessive sweating.

Ideal for patients looking for immediate and enduring results.


MiraDry, Prescriptive neurotoxins




20 mins


6 months – Permanent





About the TreaTment

At Revere Clinics, we know how excessive sweat can affect ones confidence. That’s why we offer a spectrum of effective solutions, depending on your area of concern.

MiraDry is our solution for under arm sweating. It’s beauty lies in its endurance and effectiveness. Unlike other treatments for underarm sweating, The MiraDry treatment does not need to be repeated to reduce perspiration. It’s also entirely non-invasive and the only FDA-approved treatment that delivers long-lasting results without surgery.

We also use prescriptive neurotoxins to treat other areas of the body.

How does it work

Once injected, neurotoxins work by blocking a chemical in the body that activates the sweat glands. Whilst MiraDry is a medical device designed to target and eliminate underarm sweat glands.  During your MiraDry treatment controlled electromagnetic energy will be applied to your under arm, incapacitating the glands responsible for perspiration. The outcome? A significant reduction in underarm sweat; sensitively achieved without compromising the integrity of your skin and tissue.

Why Revere Clinics

Over the years, both Dr. Sach Mohan and Revere Clinics have built a reputation that speaks volumes. Every procedure, every technique is executed with the utmost precision. Our portfolio of satisfied and transformed clients is a testament to our commitment and prowess.


It certainly does. MiraDry’s results are long-lasting, as the sweat glands removed through the treatment do not grow back. Supporting data from clinical studies highlights an average 82% reduction in underarm sweat among MiraDry recipients. With its pronounced efficacy and abbreviated recovery period, MiraDry emerges as the foremost non-surgical solution for underarm sweat management.

Most patients are back to their routine, turning heads and making moves, right after the treatment. Some may experience some swelling, but nothing a mild over-the-counter painkiller can’t soothe.         

If you suffer from excessive underarm sweating and clothing stains from perspiration, MiraDry could be right for you. To know for sure, book a consultation at Revere to talk through your treatment options.

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