Dr Sach Mohan

Cosmetic Physician and Founder of Revere Clinics

As Founder of one of Europe’s foremost Cosmetic Dermatology clinics, Dr Sach Mohan is trusted and respected by celebrities and royal households globally; not only for his ground-breaking innovations, but also his genuine warmth and unique educational consultation style. 

In a career spanning over 17 years, Dr Mohan has played a key role within some of the largest Private Equity backed Cosmetic Groups and, in the process, evaluated over a hundred different technologies, carving his niche speciality in pre-launch commercial or clinical development. 

Dr Mohan graduated from University College London in Medicine and Management from Imperial College in 2003; initially embarking on a career in Trauma Surgery, his training took him to Oxford University where he honed his Facial and Anatomy skills, and found a passion for what at the time  seemed the strangest of subjects: the fat compartments of the face.

Dr Mohan’s unique insight and prolific clinical experience has made him a Global Key Opinion Leader, where he sits on various Advisory Panels for the leading Corporations in the sector.

Deciding that scaling Clinics took him away from his passion for seeing his own select few patients, you’ll still find Sach in his Harley Street office, where he is also incubating new technologies and working with Universities mentoring the next generation of Healthcare leaders.

Dr Sach ensures every interaction is more than a treatment, instead they form a testament to his commitment to quality and his patient’s joy.

Dr Umar Khan

Director Of Hair Transplant Surgery At Revere

Awarded as a top-tier Physician, Dr. Umar furthered his expertise in Internal Medicine in Fort Wayne, Indiana, before his passion steered him to England in 2013. Here, he engaged in extensive research-based medicine, with publications in revered international journals, including Clinical Toxicology (USA) and the U.S. National Library of Health.

Choosing to delve into Hair Restoration Medicine and Surgery, he acquired advanced training from Queen Marys, University of London, and engaged with world-leading Hair Surgeons. As an active member of the ISHRS, and BCAM, Dr. Umar specializes in Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) – methods known for their seamless results and minimal discomfort. Alongside Dr. Mohan, he crafted the UHL method for undetectable hairline and brow design, especially adored by female clients. His comprehensive approach blends cutting-edge facial aesthetics, including PRP, regenerative medicine, and dermatological lasers, ensuring a tailored experience for all at Revere.


General Manager, Head of our Aesthetics team

Meet Faustina, our General Manager, head of our Aesthetics team and the heartbeat of Revere. Since achieving her Beauty Therapist badge in 1996, she’s been in sync with Dr. Sach for almost two decades. Not just a master at keeping things running, Faustina’s an ace in the aesthetic realm too. Since qualifying as an Aesthetic Trainer in 2016, she’s mentored over 250 practitioners in Hair and Skin, collaborating with industry big names like SkinCeuticals, Cynosure, Candela plus many more. And when she’s not immersed in the beauty universe? She’s being an amazing mum.