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Whatever type of stretch mark you have, we have a solution - called ABSolution™.

Learn about the various type of stretchmarks and the unique protocols we have developed for them.


ABSolution™, Biodermogenessi®, V-Beam, Cool Laser, Morpheus8


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About the TreaTment

Let’s face it. Not all stretch marks are the same. They vary in age, colour, depth, and damage. As a result, we have a toolbox – and that toolbox is called the ABSolution™.

Think of it as a Swiss Army knife of the best treatments on the planet, a comprehensive laser stretch mark removal solution. This enables us to create a bespoke plan for you, based on your skin needs, nature, and ability to have any social downtime.

For fresh, red stretch marks, we utilise V-Beam. If you have older, light-coloured stretch marks, we will likely use Cool Laser. If you have older, crepe-like skin then we’ll use Morpheus8, effectively treating stretch marks by encouraging collagen renewal in the skin. However, resurfacing lasers require an element of downtime, as we’re causing controlled hyperhealing with the strength of the lasers, aiming to significantly improve the appearance and texture of your skin.

However, if you’re strictly looking for a ‘0-downtime solution’, and would like to address cellulite, improve the colour of stretch marks, and can afford to come in on a weekly basis, then Biogenesis is our recommendation, a stretch mark removal treatment that harmonises with your body’s natural healing mechanisms.

How does it work

Fresh stretch marks often result from initial trauma to the dermis, leading to an increased blood supply to the area. Our V-Beam treatment effectively targets these changes by closing off the excess supply and rejuvenating the dermis, a critical step in our laser stretch mark removal process.

It’s common to experience bruising after each session, but a course of 3-6 treatments, performed monthly, is typically more than sufficient to treat stretch marks and begin the healing process. This approach is part of our tailored stretch mark removal treatments designed to restore skin texture and promote recovery.

For deeper, older stretch marks, the focus shifts to remodelling and regenerating the diminished collagen matrix. This process involves deliberately inducing a controlled degree of trauma to break down the scar tissue and stimulate a renewed blood supply, encouraging the skin to enter a hyper-healing phase. The CoolLaser technique is essential here, drilling micro channels into the marks, effectively resurfacing the skin. The recovery time for this laser treatment can extend to a week. Alternatively, for skin that has become crepey, requiring beneath-the-surface intervention to tighten the tissue, Morpheus8 is employed. This method involves micro-needles that rebuild collagen, which is integral for treating stretch marks and enhancing skin firmness.

Both treatment options necessitate several sessions, and it’s common for Dr. Mohan to recommend a combination of both to achieve the best possible results in scar removal and skin repair.

For both new and old stretch marks, without significant textural issues, and for patients seeking a solution without any downtime, we are proud to be among the first clinics in London to introduce Biogenesis. This innovative treatment uses vacuum-assisted electromagnetic field therapy, boasting zero downtime and zero discomfort. It stands out as a groundbreaking treatment option for stretch mark removal, employing first-of-its-kind tissue regenerative technology to restore the skin’s basement membrane and the lost pigment in the stretch marks.

This particular stretch mark removal treatment may entail up to 10 sessions, with weekly or fortnightly visits recommended for optimal outcomes. Electromagnetic therapy rejuvenates the skin cell membranes, enhancing their ability to absorb nutrients and oxygen while eliminating waste. The release of growth factors and cytoplasm aids in remodelling both the skin and the underlying soft tissue, making it our preferred method for patients aiming to recontour skin irregularities and address cellulite, further emphasising our commitment to offering a range of treatment options to improve body confidence.


Absolutely. Developed and meticulously tested by experienced cosmetic doctors at Revere Clinics, ABSolution™ is a trusted and effective laser treatment for both stretch mark removal and improving the appearance of sagging skin. It represents our clinic’s commitment to providing safe, cutting-edge treatments that enhance body confidence.

While our stretch mark removal treatments, including the various stages of Tritensive, are safe and non-invasive, some minor side effects such as redness, dryness, and peeling are expected. These symptoms are part of the natural healing process, indicating that the treatment is working to repair and rejuvenate the skin. It’s important to note that these side effects are transient and will resolve as the skin heals.

Noticeable improvements from our stretch mark removal treatments are typically visible halfway through the treatment plan. This progress is a testament to the efficacy of our tailored treatment options in promoting skin renewal and enhancing your skin’s texture and appearance.

While stretch marks can be challenging to eliminate entirely, the success of your stretch mark removal treatment depends on several factors, including the depth and severity of the marks. During your complimentary consultation, our practitioners will provide a realistic outlook on the expected outcomes. Although completely removing stretch marks may not be achievable for every patient, our treatments, such as Tritensive, have been successful in significantly improving the appearance of stretch marks for most of our patients.

The recovery time from stretch mark treatments can vary, depending on the intensity of the treatment, the specific condition being addressed, and individual skin types. Recovery periods can range from no downtime to approximately two weeks. Some patients may experience temporary bruising or redness for a few days to several weeks, while others might notice mild redness for a few hours.

Our clinic is equipped to treat stretch marks on any part of the body susceptible to them, from the abdomen, back, breasts, hips, and buttocks to the thighs, and both the lower and upper arms. Our treatments are designed to address stretch marks regardless of their location, ensuring comprehensive care for our patients.

Stretch marks occur when the skin is stretched rapidly due to factors like rapid weight gain, growth spurt, or significant changes in body size. This sudden stretching causes the dermis, the skin’s middle layer, to tear, allowing the deeper skin layers to show through, which results in the appearance of stretch marks. Common triggers include puberty growth spurts, pregnancy, rapid muscle gain, and significant weight changes.

The goal of stretch mark removal work is to reduce the appearance of these marks and, in many cases, remove stretch marks to restore the skin’s smooth texture.

Yes, by improving the appearance of stretch marks and skin texture, our treatments can significantly contribute to a positive self-image.

The number of treatments required to see an improvement can vary based on the severity and age of the stretch marks, as well as your skin’s response to the treatment. On average, patients may need between 3 to 10 sessions, with our team offering a detailed plan during your free consultation.

We offer a variety of treatment options for pregnancy stretch marks, including laser treatments and Tritensive. These treatments are tailored to address the specific needs of post-pregnancy skin, focusing on restoring the skin’s elasticity and reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

Yes, we often recommend combining resurfacing modalities like ABSolution™ with our P5 treatment. Specifically, incorporating Polynucleotides (P3) or Profhilo® injections can synergise with resurfacing techniques, maximising collagen production, enhancing skin elasticity, and providing deep skin renewal. This combination not only improves the effectiveness of stretch mark removal but also rejuvenates the skin’s appearance for optimal results.

The success of a stretch mark removal treatment at Revere Clinics hinges on several critical factors: the age and depth of the stretch marks, the cutting-edge technology employed, such as their bespoke ABSolution™ laser treatments, and the individual’s skin type and condition. Revere Clinics’ personalised approach and their use of advanced, proven methods mean that following a tailored treatment plan can significantly enhance the results, effectively reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

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