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7th Apr, 2018

Today, we talk about The Revere Ratio and why we commissioned an artist to help us demonstrate the theory.


We have all heard and no doubt used the phrase “beauty comes from within” and while this might be true, it’s safe to say the majority of us care a great deal about what is on the outside too.

At Revere we work with our patients to get the best possible version of them and the face is the main reason people come to us for a consultation. Our faces are what we see when we look into the mirror and what everyone else sees. Its important, as the first impression, they tell a story and they are key to how we communicate our emotions, they say so much without us even having to speak and is more powerful than body language.

The Facial Triangle

We treat people of all ages, people who want to slow down the ageing process, enhance what they have inherited and others who have aged that want to turn back the clock again, whether that’s to look younger, but more important to look refreshed and rested.

The facial triangle forms the basis of every Revere Face assessment. An inverted triangle is formed by the two eyes goes into a point at the mouth, however as we age the triangle flips with the two corners on the jowls of older face and the tip on the frown between the eyes. As people we all perceive a face with an inverted triangle as being more attractive, youthful and desirable.

The Golden Ratio – Measuring Beauty

Also known as The Golden Number or Divine Proportion, this mathematical theory is centuries old and used by renaissance painters to create the most beautiful portraits on canvas. More recently, Dr Steven Marquardt developed the facial mask which broke down the facial features further to define the ideals of beauty using vectors, angles, ratios and proportions.

Shown above, the head forms a golden rectangle with the eyes at its midpoint. The mouth and nose are each placed at golden sections of the distance between the eyes and the bottom of the chin.
When we opened our first Revere Clinic in Central London we wanted a way to showcase and celebrate Reveres Ratio by commissioning artist Aliya Brijnath to paint series of canvases to hang in the clinic.
Finding a face to paint was easier than we thought when actress Kacey Barnfield was on one of her regular visits to Revere. Kacey explains “Dr Sach was telling me about what he defined as the definition of beauty and his version of the Golden Ratio. I found it fascinating and when I was asked to sit for the artist I jumped at the chance, and got the opportunity to understand the Clinics philosophy and approach to the Beautifying process.

Revere felt Kacey had the perfect facial proportions and the she would look amazing on Aliya’s canvases. “I love the paintings” says Kacey “and I have told Dr Sach if ever he does not want them – I do. Every time I come to Revere, I feel truly honored to have be asked and it makes me so happy that the paintings are enjoyed and also help other patients understand what makes us beautiful”.

Sophie Henry

Aesthetician at Revere Clinics, Harley Street.

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