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17th Feb, 2018

“I was so impressed by my honest consultation with Dr Mohan. Even though I went in to find out more about my fat loss in the abdomen area, he seemed to be more concerned about my health and WHY my stomach was protruding. He actually diagnosed me with what seemed like two abdominal hernias and asked me to contact my GP immediately for further investigation. He also told me to stop any abdominal treatments right away. I feel so reassured by Dr Mohan and so grateful, as no one has previously done such an in-depth consultation or noticed that I actually have an underlying medical condition!! Everyone else has been too keen to SELL their product! I am also due to have a radiofrequency facial tightening treatment as I found out they use one of the best state-of-the-art machines by EndyMed and I now know I am in really safe, professional hands!”

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