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17th Feb, 2018

“I first went to see Dr Mohan a few months ago for cysts on my forehead which I have had problems with for a couple of years. I have previously tried different treatments for them at other clinics. Straightaway I found him very friendly and professional. I was also impressed that the consultation wasn’t rushed in any way, and he spent time explaining my different options and finding out about me and any lifestyle factors which could affect my skin. I did not think that a specific face-wash would help as I have tried various ones before, but was persuaded to try it first instead of going straight for the much more expensive option of a laser treatment. I really appreciated this honesty, especially as within a month of using the salicylic acid wash twice a day, my skin had cleared up. After such a good experience I inquired about tear trough fillers, which I have had before as the hollowing under my eyes makes me look tired. Dr Mohan talked me through how to fix the problem using a different method. By injecting a small amount of filler into specific points in my face, the slight sagging I had around my jawline and eyes was lifted in a natural way, which also enhanced my cheekbones. The result is brilliant and makes me feel much more confident, but at the same time it’s so natural-looking that I have had comments about looking well recently without anyone guessing that I have had anything done. Even though I have previously been to different clinics I have never come across a doctor with that level of skill and the ability to look at the face as a whole and enhance it so much but in such a natural way. I am so pleased with the overall level of care and how friendly and honest Dr Mohan was that I will now only go to him for anything to do with my skincare.”

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