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Pico Lasers: The Power of Sound: A Game Changer for Asian and African Skin

16th Apr, 2018

Hyperpigmentation can be influenced by pregnancy, sun exposure, hormones and genetics, and it’s very common in those with darker skin tones – which can be frustrating, given that this same skin tone has historically posed a barrier to treatment. Many darker skinned ladies have been taught to give lasers a wide berth, as they can make hyperpigmentation worse and even damage dark skin – but finally, a laser technology has been released which can safely and effectively treat all skin tones. It’s called Pico Genesis™, and it represents a real breakthrough in the treatment of hyperpigmentation, especially in African, Asian, Latino and mixed-race skin.

What’s the Problem with Traditional Lasers?

Many Harley Street cosmetic clinics use thermal lasers, which work by damaging pigmentation on the surface of the skin with pulses of intense heat. These lasers are slow to work, requiring multiple sessions and thousands of pulses over the course of treatments. However, applying heat to an area with a tendency to pigment can easily make matters worse. Rebound pigmentation can occur, exacerbating the very issue you were trying to get rid of – and in some cases, heat transfer can affect the surrounding skin, damaging its structures. With these risks, it’s easy to think that lasers are best avoided entirely.

What Makes Pico Genesis™ Different?

Pico Genesis™ is non-thermal and uses multiple wavelengths in ultra-short pulses to shatter pigmentation through photo mechanical disruption, rather than relying on heat to destroy it. This technique of obtaining short, energetic pulses through a laser is called Q-Switching, and Pico Genesis™ isn’t the first Q Switch laser – but it is the most advanced.

While Q Switched lasers have become the most popular method for treating pigmentation in Asia due to their efficacy at treating darker skin tones, Q Switch lasers measure their pulses in Nano seconds, not Pico seconds. Pico Genesis™ is the only laser to measure in Picos (one-trillionth of a second), meaning no other laser works so fast or breaks pigmentation down into such small pieces.

Pico Genesis™ breaks pigmentation down in microscopic particles which can be quickly cleared by the body, giving you a more even-toned, lighter complexion in as little as two sessions [1], with the full results of each session being visible just three weeks later. The treatment simultaneously remodels the skin, giving you smooth, baby-soft skin in just 24 hours.

What Can Pico Genesis™ Treat?

The thermal lasers used by most Harley Street cosmetic clinics cause redness, pain and downtime, limiting the number of conditions they can be used to treat. Pico Genesis™, however, gently and effectively treats multiple skin conditions including sun spots, age spots, freckles and sun damage. It can also be used for general toning, brightening and facial rejuvenation. Because Pico Genesis™ is non-thermal, there’s no risk of heat transfer and therefore virtually no downtime – some mild redness and swelling may be evident following the treatment, but this generally resolves within a few hours. Pico Genesis™ can be used to treat most areas, including the hands, face and chest.

So if you thought lasers were off limits for your skin tone, think again. The Pico Genesis™ is a game-changer for African and Asian skin tones – and your days of hiding your hyperpigmentation with foundation may be numbered.

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