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Obagi Nu-Derm

  • The treatment

    Whether it is dryness, pigmentation, sagging skin, active acne, open pores or acne scarring nearly all of us have been affected by a skin condition of some kind. The Obagi skincare system accelerates the cellular turnover of the skin by penetrating deep to improve damage in layers of the skin. It boosts functions of the skin at the cellular level to help it look and act younger and healthier.

  • How it works

    For topical products, to be used as an important supplement to our skin treatments, Revere recommends Obagi. These prescription-strength formulations are only available on prescription and require medical supervision due to their potency.

    The Nu-Derm System is an effective anti-aging therapy that penetrates below the skin’s surface to transform skin cell functions at the cellular level. Nu-Derm helps to address age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, rough skin and hyperpigmentation and reveals younger, healthier looking skin.

    C RX
    Addresses early signs of skin aging and skin damage with a unique blend of prescription-strength hydroquinone and Vitamin C. It helps to address the signs of skin damage and restores and maintains younger-looking skin. Suitable for all skin types, C Rx is a great all round treatment and is often used as a preparation regime for other treatments.
    Results may vary from patient to patient, and not all topical products will be suitable for all skin types. At your complementary consultation, one of our experts will advise.

    Rosaclear is the first complete treatment developed specifically for treating the signs and symptoms of Rosacea. The system is designed to effectively reduce redness and flushing, along with treating papules and pustules (acne-like pimples.) It helps Rosacea patients achieve a clearer, calmer and more balanced-looking complexion, delivering immediate benefits, with continued, long-term improvement.

    The CLENZIderm M.D. System is a clinically proven acne skin care system. It is a three-step acne treatment with clinically proven ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin’s layers to help control adult acne for a clearer, healthier-looking complexion. Clenziderm is available to treat different skin types, from ‘normal to dry skin’, to ‘normal to oily skin.’

  • Treatment areas

    The Obagi skincare system focuses on the face, boosting the functions of the skin to ensure a healthier and younger appearance.

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