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Thanks to Revere Clinics for such an amazing service. I had the Hydrafacial done during my pregnancy and i walked away with an instant glow on my face. My skin felt great and healthy. I will certainly be visiting you again.

Kanika C

I had the pleasure to be treated by Dr Sach Mohan and I was absolutely delighted with the professional care and attention that I received. The results were just what I wanted. My friends thought I looked relaxed and refreshed but didn’t know why. Just the way I like it! I highly recommend Dr Mohan and Revere Clinics. Always professional and they listen to what you want and always deliver.

Michele P

Revere clinics are amazing, they deliver the most amazing results.I had the pleasure to be treated by DR.Sach Mohan and I was absolutely thankful, with the professional care and attention they offer me.I highly recommend Revere Clinic they are professional,Revere is one of the best Clinic in London.

Bianca B

My nose was always something I was concerned with, even from a very young age. I cannot believe it’s taken me 30 years to do something about it. After 10 minutes with Dr Mohan at his Harley Street clinic I could not believe the difference. Not only did he minimise the bump in my nose but he made me really love my face. I cannot stop looking in the mirror. I look like me but better. Dr Sach Mohan is a genius!!!

Lisa L

I was referred to revere clinic to see Dr Sach before my wedding 4 years ago by an amazing friend! Best decision I have ever made! I have been under the care of Dr Sach who is an absolute master of his trade! He always tells the truth and will never push procedures on you which you don’t need . My skin looks amazing and I always get incredible compliments . My secret is Dr Sach! Go gogo ! You will not regret it.

Katya J

Revere stands out by its very informal atmosphere and professionalism. Sach is fantastic, which translates to his team too!

Anne-Carlijn R

I had the non surgical nose job last week and I’m literally in love with my NEW NOSE, it has completely changed my life. The whole experience was amazing, i really felt like i was at home. Dr Sach and Dr Sabika were amazing, they made me feel so relaxed and comfortable, i cannot recommend them enough… and their Northwood clinic is STUNNING!!! x x

Alex H

I can’t really describe in words how absolutely brilliant Dr Sach Mohan is, however if I was to make two main points they would be that he will make you the very best version of yourself and in the most natural way possible, secondly you can completely trust his judgement and his monumental skill. He won’t do anything unless it will absolutely improve you. I have known Dr Sach for quite some time and I have always been utterly happy with everything he has done or suggested. I once made a mistake and got taken to another clinic by a friend and they put too much filler in my cheeks and it was Dr Sach who cleverly reversed everything that had gone wrong and made me see what I couldn’t originally see. He was incredibly kind and gentle with the whole process because he could see I had lost perspective of how I looked, but he rightened everything and I would never deviate again from Revere!

Emily E

By far the best clinics and teams available. They have THE best technology in Europe.

Martin K

Words can’t express how amazing Dr.Sach and his staff are. He is an amazing professional and he explains every single treatment to detail. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone that wants to improve without being noticeable. He is a true artist of making the visible invisible….

Sandra M
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