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Intervju med skådespelerskan Magdalena Sverlander

Svenska skådespelerskan Magdalena Sverlander som är bosatt i London är aktuell som huvudrollen i den svenska filmen When Tears Have Fallen.

Grazia Magazine

Freezing your fat cells is the latest way to lose your muffin top or love handles – and claims to be permanent. So does it deliver  and is it worth the price tag?

Revere Harper's Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar

Geneveve by Viveve treatment at Revere Clinics featured in Harper's Bazaar.

The Grooming Guide, miraDry

The Grooming Guide

The miraDry procedure at Revere Clinics is recommended by The Grooming Guide.

Country & Town Home

Country & Town House

Top beauty tips from Dr Sabika Karim in Country & Town House Magazine. 

Revere and Genevevep on Comparethetretament.com

Compare the Treatment

Q&A session with Dr Sabika Karim, Revere Clinics on Comparethetreatment.com.

Revere, Moor Park

Moor Park Brochure

Revere Clinics featured in the brochure of the iconic Moor Park Club.

Geneveve, Revere Clinics in Marie Claire

Marie Claire

Expert opinion from Dr Sabika Karim on the Geneveve treatment in Marie Claire UK.

Geneveve by Viveve in Tatler

Tatler Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide

Geneveve treatment at Revere Clinic in Northwood featured in Tatler's Guide.

Fat Loss Facelift featured in Tatler

Tatler Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide

Revere Clinics is proud to be featured in Tatler's Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2017.

VBeam at Revere Clinics

Daily Mail

VBeam laser treatment featured in The Ultimate Guide to Anti-Ageing.

Revere Clinics, Tatler December


Look your absolute best this Christmas with Revere Clinics. 

Coolsculpting at Revere Clinics

My News

Freeze your stubborn fat away at Revere Clinics coolsculptme.co.uk


Top 3 tweakments from Revere to enhance your natural beauty for this summer.

Less is more - keep the natural look with Revere Clinics

The Times

Get the natural look with Revere - new feature in 'Skincare & Dermatology’ issue.

The Hindu

Interview with Revere founders Dr Sach Mohan & Dr Sabika Karim in The Hindu.

Mail on Sunday

How CoolSculpting with Revere helped Nicola to get her pre-cancer body back.


All questions you may have about dermal fillers answered by Dr Sabika Karim


Dr Sach Mohan commenting on celebrities’ lip fillers for Star Magazine

HELLO! India

Read about Revere's internationally-acclaimed founders in HELLO! India interview


Revere Clinics featured in Tatler’s Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide

The hugely anticipated Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery Guide by Tatler is finally out and here at Revere Clinics, we are proud to be featured in it twice! The Guide has long been considered as the ultimate ‘who’s who’ bible of the surgical and non-surgical beauty world. Both Dr Sabika Karim and Dr Sach Mohan are […]

Thinking of having dermal fillers? Here’s what you need to know before booking the procedure.

As we age the gravity is inevitably taking its toll and many natural changes occur in our face: skin starts losing collagen and bones become thinner, while facial fat pads accumulate in lower areas such as the jowls, redistributing gain in some people and having atrophy in others. Dermal fillers are frequently used to rejuvenate […]

New Year – Improved You

The new year represents an opportunity for a fresh start. It is the reason why we make New Year’s resolutions and set goals to improve ourselves or our lives. Many lists include losing weight, spending more time outdoors and eating healthy greens, but now is also the time to make some beauty resolutions and add them to your daily […]

Looking for a cure for skin redness and rosacea?

Our skin can display redness for many different reasons; it could be caused be a diet, anxiety, general skin sensitivity, burst blood vessels or a medical condition called rosacea. The cold weather outside can also aggravate symptoms; according to the National Rosacea Society’s survey, the condition has worsened in 88% of their respondents during the […]

Revere Clinic in Northwood is celebrating its three year anniversary

Time flies when you’re dedicated to your cause! Revere Clinic in Northwood is celebrating three years since opening its doors in 2013. We are proud to look back at those years of complete dedication and passion about our work. From designing the Revere Riverside building to equipping it with the most cutting-edge technology, it has […]

Liposuction, 3D Lipo, Vaser Lipo, Vanquish, SculpSure or Coolsculpting – what to choose?

Sometimes our bodies store stubborn fat that seems impossible to lose. We all know the problem areas – the abdomen, the chin, and the arms… So what can you do when you’re desperate to get your figure the way you want it? Liposuction, widely acknowledged as an effective surgery for cosmetic fat removal, was a […]

CoolSculpting journey of the Body Fixers’ star Alex Henry

When Channel 4 launched their new TV show Body Fixers, we at Revere were instant fans! Being entrusted and responsible for our patients’ transformations is by far the highlight of our profession and similarly watching it on screen and seeing the participants’ reaction makes it so rewarding. Even more exciting was seeing one the stars […]

Protect your skin this summer – beauty tips from Revere Clinics

Protect your skin from the sun’s harsh rays and get a gorgeous glow with the Heliocare sunscreen range, recommended by Revere Clinics’ doctors. Heliocare gels and creams offer high level of everyday UV protection for your skincare routine. Using only natural ingredients and designed to stimulate natural responses in the skin, Heiocare products reduce the […]

Dr Sabika Karim speaking at FACE 2016

Revere Clinics successfully launched the new Geneveve treatment in the UK at the FACE Conference 2016 in London.  As a part of Revere’s new Women’s Health division, Medical Director Dr Sabika Karim led a press meeting on Friday 17th June at FACE 2016, the UK’s premier medical aesthetic conference. She also delivered an insightful presentation […]

CoolSculpting, the world’s leading non-surgical fat reduction treatment got even “cooler”.

Revere Clinics are proud to announce that they are one of Europe’s first clinics to launch CoolAdvantage™, the newest technology that delivers the same amazing CoolSculpting results in shorter and more comfortable treatment times. New CoolAdvantage has revolutionised the original fat freezing technology, by enhancing the shape of the applicator cup and lowering the temperature. The […]

Revere Clinics fully supports new General Medical Council regulations

New non-surgical cosmetic surgery regulations for private clinics and the NHS became the hottest topic in town since the news broke out in April.  Those regulations came into force on 1st of June, aiming to protect patients as well as to make sure that they are fully aware of the risks and potential complications associated […]

Small tweaks make a big difference

For many years Revere Clinics have been advocating ‘less is more’ approach in its practice. Our minimally-invasive beauty treatments or ‘tweakments’ aim to enhance our patient’s existing features, rather than make significant changes. As originally seen in ‘Skincare and Dermatology Report’, published by Raconteur Media on 11th May in The Times, we explored a range of our […]

Revere is behind Kelly Brook’s natural look

Dr Sach Mohan has been revealed as Kelly Brook’s secret man. Revere Clinics have been preserving Kelly’s natural beauty over the past years. This is a perfect testament of Revere’s ‘less is more’ approach and our commitment to enhance our clients’ natural looks.

ACE 2016 in London

Revere founders Dr Sabika Karim and Dr Sach Mohan both presented the latest body countering treatments at the Aesthetics Conference and Exhibition 2016 (#ACE2016) in London. Dr Karim demonstrated the new guided mode for Vela Shape III treatment as well as participated in the live debate with engineers, inventors and fellow doctors compering the latest […]

Team CoolSculpting at Dubai Derma 2016

Dr Sach Mohan has delivered a CoolSculpting masterclass at the 16th Dubai World Dermatology and Laser Conference and Exhibition (Dubai Derma 2016). With over 12,000 attendees from all around the world, the event has been very productive for Team CoolSculpting, offering excellent networking opportunities and generating record-breaking interest in CoolSculpting treatment.   Revere is one of the […]

Thank you Dr Mohan for getting rid of my acne

After suffering with bad skin for 10 years I have tried every over the counter treatment, spent a fortune on facials, used every pill and antibiotic from the doctors, only to find it would be a temporary fix or my time and money wasted. I would like to thank Dr Mohan at Revere Clinics for […]

How Dr Mohan used Hyalase to correct my dermal fillers

If you are reading this, you may well be looking for help to dissolve some badly done fillers. Here is how I became a patient at Revere Clinic and found out about Hyalase. I had had Tear Trough Filler, which left me with unsightly lumps sitting above my cheeks. They were particularly noticeable when I […]

What makes us beautiful?

Today, we talk about The Revere Ratio and why we commissioned an artist to help us demonstrate the theory.   We have all heard and no doubt used the phrase “beauty comes from within” and while this might be true, it’s safe to say the majority of us care a great deal about what is […]

Highlights from the Anti-Ageing Show 2014

We had such a wonderful time at this year’s Anti-Ageing & Beauty Show. We met so many people who have since been Revere’d in our clinics and even brought a few friends along too! It was great to see so many celebrities on our stand, willingly talking about their experiences at Revere and they would […]

Dr Sach Mohan talks about celeb favourite facial, Endymed.

EndyMed™3DEEP® the most advanced way to firmer, tighter & lifted skin. Painless and instantly with no downtime! In both our London and Northwood Flagship Clinics we carry out so many of these facials on a daily basis. Once a client has experienced an Endymed and seen the results for themselves, there’s no going back. EndyMed™3DEEP® […]