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16th Apr, 2018

Sometimes our bodies store stubborn fat that seems impossible to lose. We all know the problem areas – the abdomen, the chin, and the arms… So what can you do when you’re desperate to get your figure the way you want it?

Liposuction, widely acknowledged as an effective surgery for cosmetic fat removal, was a game-changer when it first came on the scene in the 1980’s.[1] Offering patients the chance to lose the fat which they couldn’t get rid of naturally, and allowing them to debut newly contoured and slim bodies in just a few weeks.

It’s still a good option for those looking to lose significant amounts of body fat quickly – particularly if it’s for health reasons. But traditional Liposuction does come with painful drawbacks. The surgery is invasive, and it can take many weeks for the patient to recover, leaving permanent scars after the procedure. It is a big price to pay – particularly when there are other options on the market.

What Other Options Are There?

We’re going to talk you through some of the best known fat removal procedures around – comparing what the process involves, the results you can expect to see, and an honest evaluation of whether this is a treatment we’d recommend to anyone looking to reduce body fat, balance their contours and reclaim their bodies!

Option 1: Vaser Lipo

Vaser stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance and is used to break down fat cells by applying a small probe to the selected areas, transmitting sound energy and ‘liquefying’ fat cells. The fat is then removed from the body through a small incision using a gentle suction process.

While less invasive that traditional liposuction, there’s still a 12-hour resting period following the procedure and due to swelling and bruising it’s recommended that you wait a few weeks before hitting the gym or engaging in any rigorous physical activity.

Another problem with Vaser lipo is results. It works well for slim patients with subtle contouring adjustments desired; however, if you’re carrying a little more weight – the results can be so subtle, they’re unobservable. It’s a lot of pain and bruising to go through for results that just aren’t guaranteed.

Option 2: CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting® targets, freezes and destroys unwanted fat cells from the body using a patented Cryolipolysis technology. This non-surgical treatment allows the body to eliminate fat naturally and can be used anywhere from the chin to the abdomen, the muffin top to the inner thighs!

A protective gel is placed on the area before applying the CoolSculpting applicator to ensure the skin is protected. The CoolSculpting machine then chills the cells beneath the skin to temperatures as low as -11°C, causing the fat cells (and the fat cells only) to crystallise, and die. Results can usually be seen between 3 and 12 weeks later as the body processes and eliminate the fat – leaving you with visible yet natural results.

Each CoolSculpting session takes between 35 minutes and one hour (depending on the area) and involves minimal discomfort, meaning patients can read, work on their laptops or even watch a movie on their iPad as the machine does its magic.

There’s minimal risk of bruising or swelling while undergoing CoolSculpting, and there’s no downtime, meaning you could have your treatment in the morning and get back to work that afternoon.

Option 3: 3D Lipo

3D Lipo is sometimes sold as the full-service approach to non-invasive fat reduction – however, despite the myriad of treatments applied; results can be disappointing.

A full 3D liposuction treatment includes cavitation, Cryolipolysis, radio frequency and dermology. The cavitation is used in the beginning, which is the application of ultrasound waves to the desired area to disrupt the unwanted fat. ThenCryolipolysis treatment is applied – although it works from the same scientific method as CoolSculpting, CoolSculpting is the only method which has been FDA-approved. Radiofrequency is then used to tighten the skin; followed by dermology to remove cellulite.

While the process might sound through  – sometimes throwing everything but the kitchen sink at a problem is less efficient than skilled, well considered and targeted solutions. The 3D Lipo process takes time, and money – plus, the results seen from cavitation are often negligible; making it an unnecessary treatment.

Option 4: SculpSure

On the opposite end of the spectrum from CoolSculpting, we have SculpSure, a fat reduction treatment that kills fat cells with heat instead of cold.

SculpSure machines feature a flat applicator which is applied to the flank, abdomen or inner thighs for around 25 minutes. During that time the fat cells in the area are heated to between 42°C and 47°C, using laser technology. The process kills off the fat and over the next few weeks the body eliminates the dead cells through natural processes.

The treatment promises to cause minimal discomfort and need no downtime to recover. However, SculpSure is quite new to the market – only recently having completed a clinical trial stage of 100 patients. As a result, the long-term effects of this kind of treatment are unknown.

Option 5: Vanquish

Finally, we come to Vanquish – a non-invasive fat removal product which is advised as being most effective for clients who are within 5-10% of their ideal weight.

Using radio frequency waves, the temperatures delivered to the fat cells within the body are even higher than SculpSure, reaching a whopping 120 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes of treatment. The process operates in the same way as the other procedures, allowing the body to naturally eliminate the fat once it has been destroyed.

One advantage of Vanquish is that due to its method of transmission (via a hovering panel above the patient’s stomach) it is possible to treat larger areas than most applicators will allow. Unfortunately, this does not translate into efficiency per treatment – several treatments are often required, for relatively small visible changes.

Revere’s verdict: Choose CoolSculpting, the treatment that works

There is only one fat reduction treatment that we would recommend as being reliably effective, value-for-money and non-invasive – both to your body, and your lifestyle, and that’s CoolSculpting.

After performing thousands of CoolSculpting treatments at Revere Clinics, the results we’ve seen from our patients are revolutionary. There’s no downtime, no stitches or incisions and very little discomfort. In our opinion, there’s really no better way to eliminate unwanted fat and enjoy a slimmer, more confident you.

To find out more about the CoolSculpting experience with Revere Clinics, you can watch our live demonstration video:

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