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Laser Treatments

“We will help you get the face and body you desire…”

Revere Clinics have the market-leading laser devices to effectively treat a multitude of skin conditions; the laser is also used to perform skin rejuvenation and hair reduction.

The VBeam is one of the most popular treatments at Revere Clinics; using Pulse Dye Laser technology it delivers an intense yet gentle burst of light into the targeted skin area. After being absorbed by the blood vessels or melanin, it safely and effectively treats multiple skin conditions, including facial redness and flushing, rosacea, spider veins /thread veins, sun damage, pigmentation, port wine stains, age spots, red scars, stretch marks and inflamed acne. The VBeam laser also has the ability to reduce bruising caused by cosmetic procedures – minimising the time taken for a bruise to resolve from a week to a few hours – this is a complimentary service given only to our clients within 24 hours of any noticeable treatment bruising.

Please note that results may vary from patient to patient.

Why do I need a consultation before the treatment?

During the consultation, we will determine the best course of laser treatment for your desired outcomes and provide you with all information you need to make a decision. This is also a great opportunity to get answers to your questions and to discuss treatment costs.
Before your treatment, we will measure the melanin in your skin to adjust laser power to your specific needs. Assessing the condition of your skin is essential to avoid over-treatment or under-treatment.

Does the VBeam treatment hurt?

Most of our patients report tingling or warming sensation during the treatment. The anaesthetic cream is not required but could be applied to the treatment area to minimise discomfort and side effects.

Laser Treatments before and after
Laser Treatments before and after
Laser Treatments before and after
Laser Treatments before and after
Laser Treatments before and after
Laser Treatments before and after
Laser Treatments before and after
*Please note that individual results are no guarantee of your treatment’s outcome. Results may vary from patient to patient.

What precautions should I take before and after treatment?

Avoid sun exposure before and throughout the treatment. The SPF 30 or higher sunblock should be worn daily during this time. Post-treatment recovery varies depending on the type of laser treatment and your medical history. Revere’s therapists will provide you with specific aftercare instructions.

The Revere Clinic in Northwood is a Centre of Excellence and European Training Centre for the world’s largest and most reputable laser manufacturer, Syneron Candela. Several hundred laser practitioners have already been trained in Northwood.

What's the downtime for VBeam laser treatment?

The VBeam laser doesn’t break the skin, therefore the downtime is minimal. Some patients may experience redness, which resolves within 48 hours.
For certain conditions, like treating the redness in scar, the laser would be used at a setting which will intentionally bruise. For most, the bruising fades within about a week.