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Does Jaw Botox Actually Work?

9th Apr, 2018

Think of Botox, and the jaw might not be the first part of the face that comes to mind – you’re more likely to think of glass-smooth foreheads or minimised crow’s feet. If you do think of jaw Botox, most likely you’re thinking of Botox’s growing use as a treatment for bruxism (tooth grinding) – but did you know that Botox can actually be used to change the shape of your jaw completely?

The Secret Cause of Overdeveloped Jaws

Many women suffer from an overdeveloped jaw, and because this is typically considered to be a masculine feature, it causes them embarrassment and self-consciousness. The vast majority of these women blame genetics or bad fortune for their undesirable face shape – but actually, the cause could be something quite different.

If you’ve a large or overdeveloped jaw and you also have a tendency to grind your teeth, that could be the true cause of your problem. Persistent teeth grinding causes the masseter muscle to grow, just like any other muscle does when you work it out – imagine that, every time you’re grinding your teeth, you’re doing a little bicep curl for your face. But rather than winding up with toned, sexy arms, you’re being left with a large, prominent jaw or a square-looking face-shape which can even be perceived as overweight– not something most women are looking for!

How Jaw Botox Can Help

As touched upon earlier, Botox can be used to correct tooth grinding. This is because, when administered in tiny doses, Botox can paralyse muscles – and while of course, no reputable Harley Street cosmetic clinic would inject a dose large enough to stop your jaw moving completely, a miniscule amount can be used to inhibit muscle movement. Botox for Bruxism is administered to the masseter muscle only – so it won’t affect your speech, ability to chew or anything other than your teeth grinding. The effects generally last 3-4 months, but can last as long as six – providing you with a welcome break from a habit which can weaken teeth, cause jaw pain and migraines, and even cause sleep disturbance.

So how does this affect that over-developed jaw? Well, in just the same way that you’ll lose those defined biceps if you stop visiting the gym, your masseter muscles will weaken and reduce in size with repeated Botox – and this can have a profound effect on the shape of your face. From a rectangular or even square shape, that perfect V face shape you’ve always dreamed of can emerge, leaving you with a more feminine, defined face.

So, does jaw Botox work? Absolutely – though it may take a few Botox sessions to see results. You’ll notice the effects on your bruxism immediately, but it may take a few months of Botox use for your jaw muscles to begin to diminish (in just the same way as it’d take a few months of skipping the gym to lose your muscle tone). At Revere, our expert aesthetic physicians can assess the size of your masseter and give you a good idea of how many sessions it will take to reduce it at your complimentary consultation. Get in touch with Revere today to find out how we can help you achieve the jawline of your dreams!

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