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8th Oct, 2018

Going through the menopause, I noticed changes to my body and on turning 50 decided to do something about it. The usual things weren’t having the desired effect, so after doing some research I ended up at Revere. After an initial consultation we agreed that Cool Sculpting on my inner and outer thighs was the best treatment for my needs. The actual treatment was a little uncomfortable initially but not painful. Photos were taken before and 12 weeks after. I had noticed improvements during this time but was astounded when I actually saw the evidence of how drastically it had improved! My silhouette had improved dramatically and my skin tone was hugely improved. The reduction in fat on my thighs meant that my skin was much smoother from the whole area from my knees to my buttocks – my cellulite improved by about 75%! I am absolutely delighted with the results and it has given me the confidence boost I needed to believe I can still have a figure to be proud of in my 50s!

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