From Flat to Fab: The Sculptra Butt Lift

25th Nov, 2018

We were recently visited by a patient who came to us with a common insecurity, she longed for a curvy appearance but was cursed with a flat butt. She’s not the first and certainly won’t be the last woman coming in searching for that perfect bottom shape.  In this blog post, we’ll be sharing Diane’s* experience with the Sculptra Butt Lift at our Harley Street Cosmetic Clinic.

Diane decided that her best option to enhance her butt was with the Sculptra Butt Life. However, before deciding upon coming to see us, Diane had never had a cosmetic beauty procedure before – she looked for recommendations from friends and family who would have some knowledge of what clinic would be best.

Revere Clinics, was one of her friend’s suggestions and after some careful research, Diane found that not only were we a trustworthy and effective clinic, but also the one most suitable to get to from where she lived. Calibre and convenience. She found also found that at Revere Clinic, we’re known for our impressive results and customer satisfaction from skin lightening treatment to laser tattoo removal.

There have been a few horror stories regarding Brazilian Butt Lifts where patients have died from the procedure, so Diane was a little hesitant about this other type of treatment. Did it pose the same risks? Could she trust the procedure to give her the results she so desperately wanted?

Diane had an initial consultation with Dr Mohan to talk through her worries of other bottom lifts and to find out what makes this one different. He explained that with the Sculptra Butt Lift, the treatment does not use fat taken from other parts of the body, that he warned, is where the risks are. With the Sculptra Butt Lift, the injections are a special product that thickens the skin and stimulates collagen growth.

Dr Mohan also added that the procedure would give a more natural-looking result without any down-time and is the safest way to enhance your curves. Diane, was impressed by the argument that Dr Mohan presented and was confident that this treatment was for her.

She got booked in for her first session but was told that it could take up to three sessions to get the results she desired. During the 30-minute procedure, a series of micro-invasive injections were placed into the buttocks and Diane mentioned afterwards that the pain was minimal… and as the saying goes, no pain, no gain, and gain she did.

Fast forward a couple of months later and Diane couldn’t be happier with the results that we helped her achieve. Having spent £7,500, she said that it was more than justified as she now felt confident in her body, with the bottom she has always dreamed of having.

The Sculptra Butt Lift treatment lasts for around 2 years, with a top up needed every 18 to 24 months. With no down time, this procedure is great for those who want a quick result.

So is this butt lift right for you? Well the difference with this treatment is that it has very little complications and doesn’t require any fat from other areas of your body. You can also be safe in the knowledge that the Sculptra Butt Lift cost is a lot less than what you’d spend on other treatments.

If you like the sound of the Sculptra Butt treatment, why not book yourself in for a consultation to talk through the procedure and whether it’s the right thing for you. Book your consultation here today.

*The client name has been changed to respect his privacy.

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