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Enjoy a Sensational Sex life with Geneveve, now at Revere

25th Apr, 2018

Vaginal laxity is a difficult topic for many women to broach. It’s an issue which has been clouded by stereotyping, misinformation and even politics, with the fear of experiencing vaginal laxity often used to prevent women from taking ownership of their own body and enjoying an active sex life. And for the modern women, even worrying about vaginal laxity may seem problematic – as though male pleasure is their key concern. But the truth is, that vaginal laxity can undermine female pleasure and enjoyment, and there is nothing embarrassing or shameful in wishing to regain vaginal sensation.

The myth that sexual intercourse increases the size of the vagina is pervasive, despite having been repeatedly debunked by doctors and physicians. The vagina is elastic, and expands temporarily during intercourse to accommodate your partner, whatever his size. This expansion is temporary, and no amount of intercourse with a partner can cause vaginal laxity. The natural ageing process, childbirth, genetics and muscle weakness, however, can – so there is no reason to feel ashamed if you are suffering from vaginal laxity yourself. The silence around vaginal laxity makes it hard for suffers to seek help – yet vaginal laxity is common, as are the embarrassing incontinence issues which often accompany it.

Muscle weakness, childbirth, ageing and genetics can all play a part in reducing the collagen support fibres in the vagina, and it is this which is the true cause of the vaginal laxity and decreased sensation which many women experience at different points in their lives. It’s normal, natural, and it’s not your fault – but that doesn’t mean you need to resign yourself to it, either. Vaginal laxity can deeply affect a woman’s feelings about her own body, sexuality and pleasure – but Revere Clinics’  Geneveve Treatment, by Viveve, can restore your sensation and sexual enjoyment.

Clinically proven to regenerate vaginal tissue, Geneveve is painless, non-surgical and discreet, requiring no down-time or anaesthetic. By using long-pulse radiofrequency and cryotherapy to gently heat and cool the inside of the vagina, Geneveve stimulates your body’s own ability to create new collagen – creating sustained, significant vaginal tightening and sensation, which 90% of women reported benefitting from twelve months after their treatment in clinical trials.

To deliver the treatment, a tiny probe is inserted into the vagina, with a small plate at its tip. It is inserted just behind the hymeneal ring, delivering warm, painless pulses to the vaginal walls. While you may feel a little swollen afterwards, you won’t experience any pain, and the treatment takes just half an hour. After you’ve completed your treatment, it can take up to three months for the collagen to regenerate, but the effects last from 12-18 months from then.

Geneveve isn’t a cosmetic treatment, as it’s all about how you feel, rather than how you look – and it can truly transform your sex life. With strength and elasticity restored, your pleasure is restored along with it, renewing your sexual enjoyment. Geneveve can have a sensational impact on your sex life – so there’s no reason to suffer from vaginal laxity any more.

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