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18th Jun, 2016
In The News

Revere Clinics successfully launched the new Geneveve treatment in the UK at the FACE Conference 2016 in London. 

As a part of Revere’s new Women’s Health division, Medical Director Dr Sabika Karim led a press meeting on Friday 17th June at FACE 2016, the UK’s premier medical aesthetic conference.

She also delivered an insightful presentation as a part of Women’s Sexual Health agenda on Saturday 18th June, addressing the most common medical issues and presenting the results of Viveve’s very promising clinical trials.

Vaginal laxity is an issue that affects millions of women worldwide after natural child birth or as a part of natural ageing process. As a result, women can experience a decrease in physical sensation and sexual satisfaction during intercourse, which may dramatically affect their sexual health and quality of life. The Geneveve treatment is designed to rebuild collagen and as a result restore sexual sensation, offering unparalleled results in just one treatment without pain or downtime.

To find out if the Geneveve treatment is right for you and to arrange a complimentary consultation with Dr Sabika Karim at Revere Clinic in Northwood, please call 01923 834 020.

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