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Bright and Even : How to get a glowing complexion

20th Aug, 2019

Lacklustre, dull and uneven skin can be disheartening and for many it can feel like there is no solution. Revere started working with Pico Genesis™ after noticing a growth in demand for skin brightening and seeing only unsafe options that did not provide the results that they felt our customers deserved. The Best Aesthetic Doctors of the Year, Revere are dedicated to bringing customers the best in new and innovative treatments and both Pico Genesis™ and Pico Genesis FX™ are game-changers in the world of skin brightening.

Most skin lightening treatments are not FDA approved and can cause irreparable damage to the skin, and in some cases damage to vital organs. According to a report by the British Skin Foundation, ingredients such as Hydroquinone, which are often rife in skin lightening treatments, can damage elastin strands in the skin, causing premature ageing and weakening of skin. Long term, widespread use can cause problems with the nerves and liver.

Pico Genesis™ works by targeting the excess melanin in the skin, as in high concentrations, melanin can cause dark spots and uneven patches. During the Pico Genesis™ procedure, the laser light is absorbed by the melanin, which causes it to break down into tiny particles which are either sloughed off or absorbed into the body – leaving your skin lighter, brighter and more even.

Revere are dedicated bringing their clients the safest and best treatments available, it is this level of care that separates Revere from the competition, both treatments have been championed by Dr Sach Mohan and Dr Sabika Karim, founders of the award-winning Revere clinics, with Revere being the first UK clinic to offer the treatments. Revere also acts as the training academy on this specialist procedure for practitioners across Europe.

Pico Genesis™ uses the latest generation of non-thermal, photo-mechanical picosecond laser, and focuses on breaking apart melanin to give you a brighter, more even complexion, ridding your skin of sunspots, pigmentation and unwanted freckles. Patients have reported seeing brighter skin in just 24 hours, with the full results of the treatment visible in just three weeks.

Pico Genesis FX™ improves the texture of the skin – gone are those nasty scars and in its place smooth, glowing skin. Using a laser that is split through a honeycomb-like structure, Pico
Genesis FX™ penetrates deeper into the skin, creating a natural regeneration over the 72 hour period after treatment.
For both treatments patients have said that their skin is not only smoother, but lighter and brighter than ever.

Whichever treatment you choose to help you achieve your skin goals, Revere’s team are dedicated to providing the best care possible. No two people are the same and therefore it is important to have a bespoke treatment plan, to ensure that you can achieve the results you want and more importantly deserve.

Contact us today to find out more.

Myth Busting : Do men find it easier to lose weight?

13th Aug, 2019

Everyone has that one friend that is certain that the world is against them, the friend who fights that despite eating healthier, exercising more and generally taking better care of herself, the reason she is not losing weight is not down to the chocolate biscuits she is sneaking at midnight out of the jar, but the fundamental genes that define her gender. Now, whilst you may never want to tell her this, as you may never hear the end of it, there is some truth to her claims – Men do lose weight faster than Women.

Now while this may sound bizarre, to start with, our bodies are made up differently. This means that on average, men have much larger bodies that women, with proportionally more muscle mass. By extension, this makes it a lot easier to burn calories, and therefore at a much faster rate.

Furthermore, hormones also play a part in this cruel trick of fate. Testosterone, which is the primary male sex hormone, supports muscle growth in the body which sequentially creates muscle tissue that burns more calories. Women’s estrogen, however, has the opposite effect.

Estrogen encourages Women to hold on to weight, making it harder to shed those stubborn pounds. It is inherently in a women’s makeup to store excess body fat, parts of their bodies, such as breasts, thighs and hips all contain a high fat to muscle ratio, therefore making it harder to shift from these difficult to reach areas.

Even the way we gain weight is different. Ever heard that phrase Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars, well after hearing this, you might just believe it. When Men put on a few pounds, it tends to go to their abdominal areas, causing the ever faithful beer belly, and when they lose weight, it just comes straight off from there. However, when a Woman puts on weight, it ordinarily hits all areas of the body. Leaving no stone unturned, ravishing the female figure like moths to a flame. Therefore, it makes it more difficult to be able to tell where weight loss is coming from, which can be disheartening and upsetting for many.

This being said, for many Men the pounds go straight to upper body, causing dreaded man boobs, which can be difficult to shift with exercise and diet alone.

The technical term for man boobs is pseudogynecomastia, and it describes an excess of fatty tissue in the chest.  Affecting between 40-50% of men at some point in their lifetimes.

For both Men and Women there are those patches of fat that are just more persistent, and cannot be shifted through simply exercise and diet alone.

So what does all of this mean?

Firstly, this is not suggesting either gender cannot and do not lose weight, just that for many they cannot get the radical results they desire from diet and exercise alone. Every cloud however, does have a silver lining, CoolSculpting is not gender specific and works best on those stubborn patches of fat that just won’t budge. An FDA approved non-invasive procedure, it works by precisely freezing the fat cells which, by extension, die, causing no damage to the rest of the body and unveiling a more chiselled and toned you.

So don’t let physiology get you down and contact Revere today for more information about CoolSculpting.

Can Men use CoolSculpting?

5th Aug, 2019

Men now make up almost 10% of all minimally invasive surgeries and even more than that here at Revere.  Unwanted fat is not gender specific and CoolSculpting is particularly targeted at removing those stubborn patches that just don’t seem to want to budge. Patches like man boobs, that despite repeated exercise, good diet and doing everything by the book, just will not shift. These kinds of areas are perfect for CoolSculpting.

The technical term for man boobs is pseudogynecomastia, and it describes an excess of fatty tissue in the chest.  Affecting between 40-50% of men at some point in their lifetimes we understand that this can be really embarrassing, and that asking for help can feel scary, almost like you are giving up, but we are here to dispel that myth. CoolSculpting is not and never will be giving up; Some patches of fat are more persistent than others, and simply cannot be shifted through exercise and diet alone.

CoolSculpting provides a surgery free option to Liposuction whilst still promising results, it has been performed over 8 million times and is FDA cleared. CoolSculpting works by freezing those stubborn fat cells,  breaking them down and giving you a more sculpted, contoured look. Minimally invasive, with little side effects, CoolSculpting is perfect for the man who wants more definition.

Unlike invasive surgeries such as Liposuction, CoolSculpting does not require any anesthetic, and therefore downtime is significantly less, with most patients feeling no pain at all. All you need to do is sit back, enjoy Netflix, and start planning your new wardrobe. The recovery time is unbelievably quick, with some of our patients going straight back to work.

Think about it  – you could take a leisurely lunch and without anyone knowing come back, closer to a more toned you.  Some patients see results as quickly as three weeks, but most see results over a three month period, all with no one the wiser.

At Revere we understand that everyone is different, and as such, each treatment plan created is bespoke. One of the many things that separates Revere from the rest is our specialised mapping technique, which ensures that you get the best possible results from CoolSculpting, and the results that you deserve and want. We will never do something we don’t believe is right, and in your consultation we will go over your overall goals, ensuring that we have suggested the correct treatment, just for you.  After all, here at Revere we want you to not only look different, but most importantly, feel different.

For more information book a consultation with one of our qualified experts today.

CoolSculpting is not cheating.

30th Jul, 2019

The internet is a difficult place, constantly contradicting itself, bombarding you with images of unrealistic body types, and then barrating you for trying to change.

Here at Revere, we have a strong social media presence and it is not uncommon that every now and again we get a comment that sounds a bit like this – ‘CoolSculpting is a lie, just go and exercise – stop trying to cheat’ 

Whilst the majority of our comments are far happier than this, it saddens up to think that there are people out there who believe CoolSculpting is a shortcut. This perpetuates the idea that reaching out for help is cheating. For the majority of our clients at Revere they have been doing everything perfectly by the book. They have been exercising well and eating right, but due to external factors, such as age, gender and hormones, it is not possible to shift certain areas of fat through that alone. A lot of the time it is simply the way our bodies are made up, and therefore it really cannot be helped. 

Furthermore, CoolSculpting works most successfully with clients whose ideal weight is within sight, but really just need that extra push, to help achieve the results you want, and more importantly deserve.

Unfortunately, whilst working out at the gym can do a lot, namely make  you very sweaty (but we have miraDry for that!), exercise cannot target specific stubborn areas, not precisely anyway, unlike CoolSculpting, which specifically targets hard to budge areas, helping to enhance all the hard work you have already put in.

This is not to say that there are not people who want a quick fix, however, these are not typically the people who invest their time and money in CoolSculpting. Our clients are wearied by the work they are putting in and the lack of results they are seeing and feel like there is no other option.



CoolSculpting is the only FDA approved treatment of its kind, involving no needles and no anesthesia, which eliminates all the risks associated with invasive procedures, such as liposuction. CoolScultpting has been performed over 4 million times worldwide, and most clients can see results in as little as three weeks. CoolSculpting works by targeting stubborn patches of fat and freezing them, breaking down the fat cells, revealing a more toned and sculpted you. 

When we show our clients there before and afters it is not uncommon for them to feel emotional and we are proud to be able to offer a release for our customers who feel that they have exceeded every other option. We are  proud to be able to make them not only look, but feel different.

Revere have been working alongside CoolSculpting for almost a decade. This means that we have pioneered new ways to use the treatment, have been trusted with training other clinics and have a client following from far and wide, all because we care and want to make a difference. 

For more information book a consultation with one of our qualified professionals today.


19th Jul, 2019

Revere Clinics’ Dr. Sach Mohan and Dr. Sabika Karim are riding high after winning Aesthetic Doctor of the Year Award 2019 at countrywide competition Safety in Beauty Diamond Awards, and we couldn’t be prouder!

The Safety in Beauty Diamond Awards, now in its fifth year, recognises commitment and dedication to public safety in the aesthetic and beauty sector and draws industry giants and celebrities from all over, and this year, the glittering awards ceremony was held at London’s five star Hilton in Park Lane.

Our founders, Dr. Sach Mohan and Dr. Sabika Karim, were there to accept the award.



Dr. Sach said,  “We couldn’t be happier. We have worked unbelievably hard, with many long nights and countless early starts, all to ensure that our clients have the best options possible. It is wonderful and we are so very proud of our achievement. It feels amazing to say we are now the best aesthetic Doctors in not only London but the UK”

The award cannot be self nominated, and this is part of what makes it so special. It truly represents the respect and care that the clients feel for Revere Clinics, and this is a big part of the reason that we do what we do.

“We are honoured to have won and I can’t stop smiling. It is a true representation of how hard we have worked, without ever compromising, to achieve a clinic that we feel truly proud of. We are truly a family here and I think of all our clients as such! So I just can’t wait to share it with all of them, after all, without them, none of this could have ever happened.” Added Dr. Sabika Karim.



So congratulations to both Dr. Sach and Dr. Sabika! It is so nice to see them getting the gratitude and respect they deserve. To us they have always been Best Aesthetic Doctors in the UK, but now they have the award to prove it. However, most importantly, thank you to all our clients, as Dr. Sabika said, without you none of this would have been possible.

Why Sleep is Important for Weight Loss

11th Jul, 2019

“You need your beauty sleep”, “ Get some rest” and “ Don’t stay up to late” are all phrases ingrained in our brains thanks to our parents’ constant nagging growing up – who would’ve thought they actually knew what they were talking about…

If you’re stuck in your weight loss journey, lack of sleep could be a contributing factor, considering it is just as important as diet and exercise. In fact, getting 30 minutes less sleep then necessary is linked to obesity and diabetes according to the Endocrine Society.

What happens to your body when it is sleep deprived?

Lack of sleep can trigger many things in your body, the first being your appetite. When you don’t get enough sleep, your body will release more of the Ghrelin hormone, a hunger hormone that tells your body to eat. It will then release less of the Leptin hormone, which signals to you that you’re full. Therefore, if you don’t get enough sleep, you will eat more to make up for it.

Another consequence of lack of sleep is eating unhealthy food. Because you’re sleep deprived, your frontal lobe, which is in charge of decision-making and self-control, is not as active and will allow you to eat unhealthy food to satisfy the rewards centre of your brain, which is more active and stimulated by food when you’re sleep deprived.

Finally, lack of sleep can result in a lowered resting metabolic rate (RMR); this is the number of calories you burn when you’re resting. Your RMR is also affected by your muscle mass, the more muscles you have the more calories you’ll burn while resting, however, lack of sleep has been shown to cause muscle loss, therefore further affecting your RMR.

The benefits of sleep for weight loss

If you are getting enough sleep then congratulations! You are one step closer to achieving your weight loss goals – sleep can do wonders on the body.

When you are well rested you will be physically able to exercise consistently, maintaining muscle mass and having the energy to do so. Your body will also be on a normal cycle and will therefore not crave unhealthy foods.

Our bodies produce insulin to move sugars from our bloodstream and into our body cell’s to give us energy, it is only when we’re sleep deprived that our cells become insulin resistant and require more food to feel energised.

When diet, exercise and sleep aren’t working

The bottom line is, sleep is a necessity on your weigh loss journey. However, here at Revere Clinics, we understand that even diet, exercise and sleep can sometimes not be enough to lose that stubborn fat and we have got the perfect solution.

To supplement all your hard work, we offer a fat removal without surgery in the form of CoolSculpting and the best CoolSculpting London has to offer at that. If you can pinch it, we can freeze it.

CoolSculpting works to freeze belly fat, fat in your thighs, love handles, you name it – and then disposes the fat cells from your body. This non-invasive surgery requires no downtime and will give you the body you have only dreamed about – as you’re getting the correct amount of sleep of course!

Don’t delay, book a consultation with one of our qualified professionals today and be rewarded for your sleeping habits.

Why Water is a Key Ingredient When Losing Weight

2nd Jul, 2019

Time and time again, we are told to make sure that we are drinking enough water. The question we always ask is, why?

It’s simple really, water is the answer to everything– it provides energy, clears the skin, prevents headaches, improves brain functioning and of course, prevents dehydration, just to name a few things.

When trying to lose weight, water is also part of the solution, as it helps to fight bloating, aids digestion and constipation, and stills those pesky sweet cravings and hunger pangs. Sometimes however, your body needs a little help, and that’s where Revere Clinics steps in with CoolSculpting. London will provide the water and we will provide a revolutionary non-invasive treatment that targets stubborn fat and eliminates it for good.

The benefits of water for weight loss

Water is like a magical elixir, one simple liquid can do so many beneficial things for our bodies – and the best part? It’s completely free.

To start with, water has the ability to flush toxins, and, the more water you drink, the more you flush your body of water weight as the water is no longer needed to eliminate toxins.

Another benefit of water is that it boosts your metabolism. A glass of warm water to start your day will jumpstart your body’s metabolism and have it on its way to working hard all day burning calories.

A third benefit of water is that it fills you up. If you get into the habit of drinking a glass of water before each meal, you’ll find yourself satisfied when you’re done eating and not feel the need to eat empty calories.

Give your body an extra boost with CoolSculpting  

Water can work wonders on your body when it comes to weight loss, however, when looking for a more targeted approach to freeze belly fat, or fat in other unwanted areas, CoolSculpting is the answer.

Find the best CoolSculpting London has to offer at Revere Clinics, where we meet with patients one-on-one to create a personalised plan suited to their needs. Want to get rid of fat in your thighs? No problem. Your hips? Sure. Belly fat? Of course! If you can grab it, we can freeze it.

Just as water flushes toxin from the body, CoolSculpting freezes fat cells and flushes them from the body in the following weeks so that they are gone for good. As the procedure is non invasive, it is virtually painless and requires no down time after the treatment.

While it may not be free like water, the CoolSculpting price is affordable and adjustable based on what your goals are. It is the perfect supplement for someone with an active and healthy lifestyle who wants to be rewarded for all their hard work with a body they can be proud of.

Don’t delay, book a consultation today with one of our qualified professionals, where you can sit back and relax with a glass of water as we help you obtain your goals and have you on your way to a body you’ll love.

Can Drinking Wine be Beneficial to Your Health?

23rd Jun, 2019

They say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Can the same be said about a glass of red wine a day? The answer, in short, is yes. How is this so? The experts at Revere Clinics do a deep dive into this health benefit and provide the ultimate complementing treatment.  For those looking to lead a healthy life and have the matching body to go with it, look no further than Revere Clinics and the best CoolSculpting London has to offer.

How a glass of red wine is heart healthy

A glass of red wine a day has been proven to prevent coronary artery disease, which leads to heart attacks, as supported by research done at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Why red wine? While red and white wines both contain antioxidants, a substance that is great for your health, red wine includes a special ingredient – resveratrol, a chemical that is believed to prevent cancer.

Although red wine is good for you, just like everything in life it’s all about drinking in moderation – the health benefits of red wine apply to one glass, which translates to 5 ounces. If you start drinking a bottle of wine a day and say it’s for health reasons it might not be as believable or beneficial…

Drinking yourself thin

Don’t go running to give up the gym just yet. While red wine has fewer calories, carbs and sugars than other alcoholic beverages such as beer or mixed drinks, it’s still not water.

Statistics do support the fact, however, that you have less of a chance of being obese as a moderate drinker or suffer from diseases related to obesity – so while you shouldn’t drink it freely, do feel free to have a glass a day.

Balancing your diet and workouts with a glass of wine is the ideal solution for keeping your heart healthy. However, this doesn’t mean those who don’t drink need to start drinking – antioxidants and resveratrol can be taken through supplements as well.

Resveratrol comes from the skin of grapes that are used for wine, therefore, even by eating grapes or drinking grape juice used for red wine you will be able to benefit from resveratrol’s effects.

Supporting a healthy lifestyle

Part of a healthy lifestyle is feeling and looking your best. If you have stubborn fat that refuses to go away and is threatening to take away from your healthy way of life, try fat removal without surgery in the form of CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting is the perfect way to supplement your journey to being heart healthy and looking the part too and CoolSculpting London reviews can attest to that. If you can pinch it we can freeze it – eliminating fat cells for good. Never has it been easier to sculpt your body to perfection, saying goodbye to the old you and hello to the best version of yourself.

Book a consultation with one of our qualified experts today so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy that glass of red wine, knowing you’re on your way to feeling and looking healthier.

Cardio or Resistance Training? Which is the Most Effective for Weight Loss

4th Jun, 2019

Are you someone who loves the endorphin rush you get after running a marathon? Or maybe it’s lifting heavy weights that make you look and feel your best…while there is some form on exercise we are all drawn to, the question is, when you’re trying to lose weight, which is more beneficial? Let the experts at Revere Clinics help you obtain your goals, sharing what workouts you should be doing and how CoolSculpting is the best supplement to your exercise routine.

Running as fast as you can to a new you

When you’re looking to lose weight and to lose weight fast, one of the best way to do so is through cardio. This is supported by the fact that in one gym session, you will burn more calories by doing cardio then any other form of exercise.

The more you weigh, the more calories you’ll burn. So whether it’s through, running, swimming, rowing or even dancing, get that cardio in and watch the pounds melt off!

Slow and steady with resistance training

Whereas cardio helps you lose weight quickly, weight training is good for those who want to get into shape gradually, toning their body and gaining muscle mass.

In the long run, weight training is a great form of exercise as you continue to burn calories even after you finish your workout. This continued calorie burn effects your resting metabolism, which will stay elevated for up to 24 hours after you’ve worked out.

Best of both worlds – a mix of cardio and resistance training  

If you want to lose weight fast, then cardio is the answer. However, if you want to lose weight over time while toning your body, resistance training is the solution.

There is however, a third option, a combination of cardio and resistance training, which will not only help you lose weight quickly but will tone your body at the same time – just keep in mind that when using weights, you will gain weight from the muscles you are building.

CoolSculpting – the best supplement to exercise for targeted weight loss

Working out can and will help when it comes to weight loss but what about targeting specific parts of your body. Unfortunately, you can’t control where exactly you’ll lose weight from and that’s where CoolSculpting comes in.

Fat removal without the surgery, CoolSculpting works to contour the body, allowing you to target specific areas. Whether you want to freeze belly fat, your thighs, hips or anywhere else on your body, the same rule applies – if you can pinch it, we can treat it.For the best CoolSculpting London has to offer, look no further than Revere Clinics, where we will show you how CoolSculpting compliments exercise and a healthy diet to help you achieve your goals and obtain the body you’ve worked so hard for. Book a consultation today with one of our qualified professionals to create a bespoke plan and let us help you on your weight loss journey.

How Age Effects Weight Loss

25th May, 2019

Are you over the age of 40? Does it seem like no matter what you do your weight doesn’t seem to budge? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

As we get older, our body’s change. Wrinkles appear, skin starts to sag and we start to slow down a bit. Along with the slowing down, comes the inevitable and unfortunate decelerating of our metabolism. This is something that can’t be prevented, however, it can be helped.  Here we’ll explain how age effects weight loss, what you can do on your own and how Revere Clinics can help, with the best CoolSculpting London has to offer.

The effects of aging on weight loss

As we get older our hormone levels change. For women, this is usually the result of menopause, with insulin-regulating hormones becoming less effective – and for aging men, testosterone and DHEA levels decline. These changes in men and women can result in a loss of muscle mass, slowing of the metabolism and an increase in belly fat.

How to lose weight after 40 naturally

While it may not be as easy to lose weight as when you were younger, it’s not impossible. Here a few things that you can do to aid the process:

Exercise regularly: Weight training is not only a great way to lose weight but it is also proven to boost the metabolism. Should going to the gym prove to be too strenuous, even taking a daily walk is beneficial to weight loss.

Eat less: The obvious answer to weight loss is to eat less to maintain a healthy body weight. Additionally, it is beneficial to eat more protein, as protein helps to build muscle and contribute to bone maintenance.

Drink more water: Drinking water is beneficial in weight loss at any age as it fights bloating, aids in digestion and constipation. It also helps to curb hunger pangs and sweets cravings.

These are just a few of the many ways that you can fight the clock, however, there is another solution.

Feel confident with CoolSculpting – fat removal without surgery

While there are many things you can do to stop the hands of time and promote weight loss, sometimes you need a bit of help. This is where we at Revere Clinics can help through CoolSculpting, an innovative non-surgical fat freezing treatment that can help you lose weight at any age.

While exercising, eating less and drinking water will aid with overall weight loss, CoolSculpting works at targeting specific areas of the body that our patients are unhappy with. The treatment works by freezing the fat and gradually eliminates it from the body, leaving you with the body of your dreams.

An FDA approved procedure that has been performed over 5 million times worldwide, CoolSculpting London reviews show the success stories of these countless patients who have tried CoolSculpting and are now comfortable in their own skin.

At Revere clinics, we offer a bespoke treatment, tailored to your weight loss needs, so that no matter what age you are, you’re comfortable in your own skin. Book your consultation today with one of our qualified professionals and don’t let age effect how you feel about yourself.

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