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Bright and Even : How to get a glowing complexion

20th Aug, 2019

Lacklustre, dull and uneven skin can be disheartening and for many it can feel like there is no solution. Revere started working with Pico Genesis™ after noticing a growth in demand for skin brightening and seeing only unsafe options that did not provide the results that they felt our customers deserved. The Best Aesthetic Doctors of the Year, Revere are dedicated to bringing customers the best in new and innovative treatments and both Pico Genesis™ and Pico Genesis FX™ are game-changers in the world of skin brightening.

Most skin lightening treatments are not FDA approved and can cause irreparable damage to the skin, and in some cases damage to vital organs. According to a report by the British Skin Foundation, ingredients such as Hydroquinone, which are often rife in skin lightening treatments, can damage elastin strands in the skin, causing premature ageing and weakening of skin. Long term, widespread use can cause problems with the nerves and liver.

Pico Genesis™ works by targeting the excess melanin in the skin, as in high concentrations, melanin can cause dark spots and uneven patches. During the Pico Genesis™ procedure, the laser light is absorbed by the melanin, which causes it to break down into tiny particles which are either sloughed off or absorbed into the body – leaving your skin lighter, brighter and more even.

Revere are dedicated bringing their clients the safest and best treatments available, it is this level of care that separates Revere from the competition, both treatments have been championed by Dr Sach Mohan, founder of the award-winning Revere clinics, with Revere being the first UK clinic to offer the treatments. Revere also acts as the training academy on this specialist procedure for practitioners across Europe.

Pico Genesis™ uses the latest generation of non-thermal, photo-mechanical picosecond laser, and focuses on breaking apart melanin to give you a brighter, more even complexion, ridding your skin of sunspots, pigmentation and unwanted freckles. Patients have reported seeing brighter skin in just 24 hours, with the full results of the treatment visible in just three weeks.

Pico Genesis FX™ improves the texture of the skin – gone are those nasty scars and in its place smooth, glowing skin. Using a laser that is split through a honeycomb-like structure, Pico
Genesis FX™ penetrates deeper into the skin, creating a natural regeneration over the 72 hour period after treatment.
For both treatments patients have said that their skin is not only smoother, but lighter and brighter than ever.

Whichever treatment you choose to help you achieve your skin goals, Revere’s team are dedicated to providing the best care possible. No two people are the same and therefore it is important to have a bespoke treatment plan, to ensure that you can achieve the results you want and more importantly deserve.

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