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Body Treatments

Revere Clinics’ Cosmetic Physicians have carefully chosen a range of body treatments that they believe are currently the best in the industry. We see ourselves as your partners for the years ahead, and we plan for the long term relationship, rather than give you a quick fix.

Revere doctors will work together with you to enhance your natural beauty and to create the look you desire. We pride ourselves in investing in highly performing and safe technology and are often amongst the first in Europe to have the most innovative portfolio of non-invasive body treatments.

Why consider non-invasive treatments?

Non-invasive body treatments offer many advantages including less discomfort, no need for a long recovery or interruption of your busy life. During the complimentary consultation our experienced doctors will discuss expectations, potential risks and outcomes of each procedure and create a bespoke treatment plan.



Body Treatments before and after
*Please note that individual results are no guarantee of your treatment’s outcome. Results may vary from patient to patient.
“We will help you get the face and body you desire…”
  • Patients’ Testimonials

    Absolutely fantastic. I cannot believe how clear my skin is.

    Sophie Andertonmodel and reality TV personality After HydraFacial treatment at The Anti-Ageing Show