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Anti-wrinkle injections – keeping the natural look with Revere Clinics

31st Jan, 2018

Anti-wrinkle injections is the most popular aesthetic treatment at Revere Clinics, predominantly used to smooth out wrinkles in the upper face.

It works by blocking the signals from the nerve to the facial muscles under the skin to stop them contracting and creating wrinkles. Revere’s Cosmetic Physicians are experts in the use of anti-wrinkle injections, and have more than thirteen uses of the product in the face and neck alone.

At Revere we follow a simple philosophy: we aim to use just the right dose of product to reduce muscle contractions, but allow normal facial expressions to continue, thus achieving a highly natural looking result, completely unrecognisable from the ‘frozen face’ look, and minimizing the risk of side-effects. The result is younger, smoother looking skin.

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