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AbSolution (Stretch Marks)

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    ABSolution™ is the only stretch mark treatment in the world that works to produce new collagen growth in the dermis, rejuvenating damaged, stretched skin and improving the colour of stretch marks. Ultimately, the treatment leaves skin stronger and tighter, with a beautiful even tone. This is achieved through Dr. Sach Mohan’s Tritensive Protocol, a novel and effective threefold approach to the reduction and treatment of stretch marks.

    Stretch marks are a form of scarring from collagen and elastin damage. They can permanently discolour the skin, leaving reddish, purple or silvery lesions that change the texture of the skin. They often occur during growth spurts and 90% of women are affected during pregnancy. Although they can fade over time, they never completely disappear.

    That’s why Revere developed ABSolution™.


    ABSolution™ is a 32-week treatment that activates collagen and elastin production and resurfaces the skin. It harnesses the skin’s own ability to repair and regenerate itself, by causing microdamage, provoking its natural healing mechanisms and encouraging fibroblast cells to produce new collagen and elastin to repair the damage. ABSolution™ reduces the width of stretch marks, improves the thickness of damaged skin and alters the colour of stretch marks so they blend into the surrounding skin.


    ABSolution™ can be used to treat stretch marks and sagging skin on any area of the body, but is most often used on the breasts, thighs, abdomen, upper arms, underarms, back, hips and buttocks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it safe?

    ABSolution™ has been carefully developed and tested by the experienced cosmetic doctors at Revere Clinics. It is a safe and effective treatment for stretch marks and sagging skin.

  • What are the side-effects?

    While safe and non-invasive, the different stages of Tritensive can induce some minor side effects. Redness, dryness and peeling are to be expected as the skin is healing itself. However, all side effects of Tritensive are transient.

  • When will I see my results?

    Results will begin to manifest approximately halfway through the treatment.

  • Will the treatment eliminate my stretch marks?

    Stretch marks are notoriously difficult to treat, and the effectiveness of your treatment depends on the depth and extent of your stretch marks. Your practitioner will discuss the likely outcome of your treatment at your complimentary, in-depth consultation. Despite the difficulty of eliminating stretch marks completely, Tritensive produces exceptional results, and most patient’s marks see a dramatic improvement over the course of the treatment.

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