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Your Consultation

There are no hard and fast rules on how a typical Revere consultation is conducted but all first timers will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire.

As you’re greeted by the Cosmetic Physician, the first question you’ll need to answer is “why are you here”? We’ll usually bring you in front of the Grand Mirror to help you describe the answer to us in detail.

If you’re here for a cosmetic consultation, we break down each component of the face into the layers, conditions or facial featuresthat may need addressing, combining all the anti-ageing, dermatology and beautifying elements for your Revere treatment package.

The Cosmetic Physician then goes through a complete action plan in front of the Big Screen, utilising our extensive portfolio of before and after images so that we can accurately manage your expectations and can collectively agree on the right combination of treatments.

We cover the  benefits, duration, costs and risks of each treatment and the timescales of each session and take your baseline photograph. Our aim is to stand by your side on your Revere journey as we attempt to exceed your expectations, for many years to come.

We’re here to share our experience with you”