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The Face of Revere

We’ve spent nearly a year developing the Revere website, and the delay was because of our own perfectionism – it had to be just right. We insisted that the site highlights Revere’s capabilities, not the examples of what can be done by using catalogue or manufacturer images that are posted on every other site. So it’s taken some time, but all the before and after images you see are from our own patients.

From the start we wanted every print used to be Revere’s own, and this included all the glossy photographs, with a total ban on Photoshop enhancements (widely regarded as Revere’s nearest competitor).

Heather is a model that you will see throughout the website and in our marketing material. Yes, we think she’s beautiful, but more importantly, we’re proud to say that she is a real life Revere patient, entrusting Dr Mohan to look after her own skin needs…

…that’s the Revere difference.

“Our model is a real life Revere patient”