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At Harley Street

Dr Sach Mohan
Cosmetic Physician

Based at 100 Harley Street, the clinic is open 5 days a week. Dr Mohan generally runs his own sessions from Tuesday to Friday afternoons into early evening.

Patients are also able to receive surgical or non-surgical consultations from any of the Revere Cosmetic Physicians by appointment.


At Northwood

Dr Sabika Karim
Cosmetic Physician

The state of the art facility is led by Dr Sabika Karim. She and her team are able to provide the full portfolio of face and body treatments.

The Northwood clinic also has the Revere Day Surgery suite. Surgery patients living within a 30 mile radius of Northwood will be offered complimentary pick up and drop off. There is free parking at Revere Clinic in Northwood.



“We will always
take it as an
honour that
you’ve entrusted
your face or
body to us”