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Welcome to Revere Clinics

Having opened our first cosmetic clinic on Harley Street in 2011, we’ve quickly grown with the help of our patients, acting as our ambassadors, and became well known for our innovative approach and unique techniques.

Revere was founded on the principles of professionalism, safety and most importantly, client satisfaction. At Revere we see ourselves as your partners for the years ahead, and we plan for the long term relationship, rather than give you a quick fix. Our accomplished doctors and aestheticians are dedicated to provide you with the highest level of personal attention and care. At Revere we work together to achieve the desired result, whether it is to optimise your beauty, achieve your ideal body shape or simply to restore a natural, youthful look.

Our team will always take it as an honour that you’ve entrusted your face or body to us, and at all times, we promise you will be revered in return. If you’re considering investing in your appearance, we’d love to welcome you to Revere and we promise you will be revered in return.

“We tailor everything
to be right just for you”