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New Year New You

1st Jan, 2020

Even though January is almost over – hooray! – it is still cold and wet outside and the bills from over Christmas are still rolling in – queue sad music. Now we know that ‘“Blue Monday” was officially January 20th but as far as we are concerned, it might as well be Blue January. The days are still dark and short, and the rain does not want to stop.

“Blue Monday” as a concept started as a marketing ploy, but is there any truth to it?

Scientifically – probably not – however I will say the clinic always seems to be busier – New Year New You and all that, however, that is not what we subscribe to here at Revere Clinics.

How about New Year – better you. At Revere we believe in natural-looking tweakments, to ensure that you feel like the best version of yourself. Think of us like a little helping hand, giving you the little push you need. When you’re sweating it out in the gym but STILL not seeing the results you want or deserve, think of us like your guardian angel, armed with a CoolSculpting machine to remove those last pesky bits of stubborn fat that just won’t go with exercise and diet alone.

CoolSculpting is the non-surgical alternative to liposuction, eliminating stubborn and unwanted fat without risks, anaesthesia or downtime. Invented by a team at Harvard University, it’s the only FDA-approved treatment of its kind. Using revolutionary cryolipolysis technology it targets, freezes and eliminates fat cells without causing harm to the surrounding tissue. Once eliminated, the fat cells are gone for good – yes forever!

Or how about when Father Time is betraying you and the high tech skincare isn’t giving you the outcome you envisaged, we can help you to turn back the clock, (just a little) with carefully applied dermal fillers from our expert team of award-winning aestheticians.

As we age, the skin loses natural volume, and this is what causes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. With dermal fillers, you can counteract the effects of age, smoothing fine lines and enhance virtually any facial features and contours. At Revere, we use Juvederm branded fillers, which are made from a synthetic form of hyaluronic acid to add volume to the face, lifting the skin and reducing the depth of existing wrinkles and folds—giving you a more rejuvenated and youthful appearance.

What about the or excess sweating that is stopping you from everyday life – this is the year to kick that in the butt and start living life to the full – sweat free!

MiraDry is a safe and effective solution to excess sweaMiraDry is a safe, effective solution that is clinically proven to reduce underarm sweat. While other treatments for underarm sweating must be frequently repeated to reduce perspiration, MiraDry provides lasting results. And unlike surgeries for the sweat glands, the MiraDry system is entirely non-invasive. It’s the only FDA-cleared treatment that delivers long-lasting results without surgery.

So why let the beginning of this year be depressing and come and visit us today.

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