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CoolSculpting vs Liposuction: What are the differences?

27th Apr, 2019

The time has come to say goodbye to the stubborn fat you can never seem to shake, to get that flat stomach you’ve always dreamed of or to be rid of your unwanted love handles. The question is, how? After all, you’ve tried dieting and exercise, and while these efforts help you lose weight, you can’t quite target the area you actually want to lose weight from on your body. So, what now?

A quick Google search will lead to Liposuction and CoolSculpting, two fat removal treatments that permanently remove fat. While they both serve the same purpose they are completely different. At Revere Clinics, we explain the differences between the two and express why you should try one of Revere Clinics renowned, non-invasive treatments, the best CoolSculpting London has to offer.

Invasive vs non invasive 

Liposuction is a full on surgery, with anaesthesia administered and the body cut open to suck away the unwanted fat. On top of that, there is drainage of any excess fluid a blood and the area must be stitched up and bandaged.

Want to know how easy CoolSculpting is? There is no surgery, no drainage, no stitching and no scars – just a simple non-invasive treatment that sees patients wearing a gel pad as the applicator gently sucks at the fat.

Sculpting the body vs getting rid of fat

CoolSculpting is a great way to contour and sculpt the body, it works to freeze stomach fat and any other fat that you are unhappy with and create targeted and defined changes on your body.

Liposuction on the other hand can be a more widespread treatment, with more fat being removed at once – it’s less about moulding the body as you like it and more about rapid weight loss.

Downtime vs No time at all

As you’ll have read in CoolSculpting London reviews, there is no downtime for the treatment. Some clients have reported some tingling, redness and aching but are otherwise good to go as soon as the treatment is complete. This means you can work or even exercise following your appointment.

Liposuction on the other hand is a different story. As it is a surgical procedure, your body will need to take 3-5 days before returning to work or normal activities and several weeks to recover before you exercise or do any heavy lifting. You may also experience bruising, swelling, blood clots or skin irregularities such as lumps, infection and temporary or permanent numbness.

Which Treatment is right for you?

As you can see, there are distinct difference between Liposuction and CoolSculpting, the most significant being that one is surgery while the latter is fat removal without surgery.

At Revere Clinics, we believe in minimally invasive treatments, allowing our patients to walk out the door on the same day they came in, which is why we perform and support CoolSculpting. However, we encourage our patients doing research to decide what is right for them and what will help them meet their goals.

To find out more about CoolSculpting and to see if it is the right choice for you, book a consultation with one of our qualified professionals today and we will be happy to go over the treatment in more detail and create a personalised plan to suit your needs.

Losing weight: Men vs Women

19th Apr, 2019

Why do men lose weight faster then women? And what can a woman do to speed up her own weight loss? These are questions we have been asked time and time again here at Revere Clinics when patients come in for CoolScultping. London is a city that can set high standards for women who are just trying to live their lives without the need to worry about stubborn fat. Here we explain why men lose weight faster then women and offer a simple solution, fat removal without surgery.

Gender differences in weight loss

Men and women have different body types. Compared to women, men have a higher percentage of muscle mass and a higher metabolic rate. When they do gain weight, it is typically focused around their midsection and is known as visceral fat – which is essentially an easier fat to lose.

Women on the other hand are more prone to subcutaneous fat, fat around the thighs, rear and hips – while this type of fat is beneficial for childbearing, it is seemingly impossible to get rid of and the root of many womens frustrations.

As the saying goes, what goes up must come down. While this is the case for men who typically gain weight in their stomach and lose weight from their stomach as well, for women it is a whole other story.

Because women gain weight in a multitude of areas, they lose weight from a variety of areas as well, making weight loss much less noticeable – which can be very frustrating at times.

Do hormones play into weight loss?

Testosterone plays a big part in weight loss for men as the hormone encourages muscle growth, which leads to muscle tissues burning calories. Estrogen on the other hand has the opposite effect, encouraging the female body to retain weight. Thus it is clear to see why men have it easier when it comes to shedding their fat

How can women lose weight?

It is simply the cards women are dealt at birth, weight loss is scientifically harder, however, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Through diet and exercise women can lose weight slowly but surely but when looking for a quicker more direct fix, a great solution is CoolSculpting, a non-invasive, non-surgical fat freezing treatment.

For women looking to target stubborn subcutaneous fat, CoolSculpting is the obvious choice as it freezes fat on targeted areas of the body and eliminates it from the body forever. Additionally, it is an FDA approved pain-free procedure with no downtime, what more can you ask for?

When looking for the best CoolSculpting London has to offer, look no further than Revere Clinics. We take each case seriously, offering one-on-one consultations to our patients to create a treatment plan tailored to their needs. Don’t just take our word for it, book a consultation today with one of our qualified professionals and see for yourself how we can help you lose weight and accelerate your goals.

How to Lose Weight When Diet and Exercise Have Failed You

10th Apr, 2019

Is eating right and exercising getting you nowhere? Has one fad diet after the other let you down? If the answer is a resounding yes, then it might be time to try one of Revere Clinics renowned, non-invasive treatments, the best CoolSculpting London has to offer.

Losing weight the “right” way

We’re always told that when it comes to losing weight the 80/20 rule is the one to follow – 80% exercise and 20% diet. We’re supposed to take in fewer calories then we burn in order to lose weight.  Nevertheless, there are so many other factors that go into weight loss such as doing the right exercises, drinking the right amount of water, eating the right type of calories and of course, having a responsive metabolism.

While so many of these factors are in our control, sometimes even when we do everything by the book, we don’t achieve the results we desire. There’s that extra five pounds on our stomachs we can’t seem to shake or the flabby arms that just won’t get smaller. It’s no fun being unhappy with yourself, desperately trying to find a solution that will actually work.

Non-surgical fat freezing

This is where CoolSculpting comes in. Fat removal without surgery that has proven results, used to shape and contour your body, according to trusted Coolsculpting London reviews. These are supplemented by the fact that the treatment both is FDA, and European Union approved as an effective way to reduce fat both safely and effectively.

‘If you can grab it, we can freeze it’ is our motto at Revere Clinics. Think love handles, back fat, inner and outer thighs, chin, chest, knees, arms and of course, CoolSculpting works at freezing stomach fat too. We’re all about making you feel comfortable in your own skin and showing you proven examples using CoolSculpting before and after pictures to show how the treatment really can change your body. Trust us, no one wants you to achieve your goals more than us.

How effective is CoolSculpting?

After three weeks of going back to your every day life, which you can do right away, as there is no downtime with CoolSculpting, you may start seeing some changes. By 12 weeks, your final results will be apparent.

CoolSculpting is an effective and permanent fat loss solution, which means those bothersome bulges of fat won’t be coming back! It may take more than one cycle of the treatment to achieve the results you desire, but here at Revere Clinics we’re committed to your CoolSculpting journey and ensuring its success. We invite all of our patients back to discuss their results to make sure everyone leaves with a smile on their face and the unwanted fat banished from their body!

Don’t hide behind baggy clothes anymore, if exercising and dieting with no results has you feeling unhappy, make changes with CoolSculpting and let your best self shine through.  Book your consultation here today and be on your way to sculpting the new you. Our comprehensive guide to CoolSculpting is available for download free HERE and is a great way to glean further information about how CoolSculpting can make you feel as confident about your body as you deserve.

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