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Tattoos Don’t Have to Mean Forever Any Longer

12th Jan, 2019

While it’s always informative to read about our procedures, we also think it’s useful to let you hear about a satisfied client’s experience. In this blog post, we’ll be sharing Joanne’s* experience with Enlighten™ at our London cosmetic clinic from start to finish.

When Joanne was 18, getting a tattoo of a dragonfly on her neck seemed like a great idea… we make all our best decisions at 18, right? She came to Revere Clinic for a consultation on how to remove said tattoo, now that she was 32 and married with kids. Luckily for Joanne, Revere Clinics is the first clinic in the UK to be using the Enlighten™ procedure for tattoo removal. Revere Clinic therefore knew exactly what to suggest for an effective and efficient treatment.

During the consultation, Revere Clinic explained to Joanne the technology behind the treatment – how the laser used for Enlighten™ uses picosecond pulses, which is one-trillionth of a second, and therefore 1,000 times shorter than the nanosecond pulses used in other laser tattoo removal procedures. Why is it so important for clients such as Joanne to know this? Picosecond laser pulses have been shown to remove tattoos more completely and in fewer treatment sessions than alternative laser treatments available.

Like all treatments offered at Revere Clinics, our Harley Street Cosmetic Clinic , (from laser hair removal with our state of the art lasers to the revolutionary Geneveve treatment and Aqualyx, our effective non-surgical fat dissolving injection treatment) we always want to make sure our clients are getting the best treatments possible and do what it takes stand out from the crowd, like implementing this effective laser for the Enlighten™ procedure.

Revere Clinic and Joanne spoke at length about the treatment and the amount of sessions needed and decided to start with two. After booking the sessions, Joanne and her dragonfly left the clinic together for one last time.

The day of the treatment arrived and Joanne shared with Revere Clinic a fear of hers: her pain tolerance is non-existent, will she be able to handle the treatment?

At Revere, our mission is to ensure you are comfortable at all times, which is why although the procedure for this particular treatment isn’t terribly painful (many compare the sensation of tattoo removal to a rubber band being snapped against the skin), Revere Clinic used a local anaesthetic for topical application on Joanne’s shoulder, numbing the area and putting Joanne at ease.

Once Joanne was comfortable,Revere Clinic got to work, going over each area of the tattoo with the Enlighten™ laser system, which worked quickly to break down the ink particles in the dragonfly tattoo. By the end of the quick session, the tattoo had faded immensely and was replaced with some redness on the skin, a temporary side effect of the procedure.

Joanne came back to Revere again and with the second round of Enlighten™, her dragonfly flew away, never to be seen again – leaving Revere Clinic with a successful outcome and a satisfied patient. It’s important to note that the number of sessions vary depending on age, and the density and colours of the tattoo – whereas Joanne had a simple black tattoo, one with more colour could require more sessions, 1-4 treatments is a typical course of treatment for Enlighten™.

Do you have an unwanted tattoo that you wish would just disappear?  Don’t let the mistakes of your younger self haunt you for the rest of your life.

Did you know we also offer ReForm Brow Correction, which safely corrects and remove permanent eyebrow makeup?

So, whether it’s a tattoo or permanent eyebrow makeup gone wrong, all your problems can be resolved at Revere Clinics, where our experts work with you to create tailored solutions so that you can look AND feel your best. Book your consultation today!

*The client name has been changed to respect her privacy.

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