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Liposuction Gone Wrong – How CoolScultping Saved the Day

21st Nov, 2018

Good can come from disaster, a lesson our patient Sharon* learned when she came to see us after being unhappy with the results of her recent liposuction procedure. At Revere Clinics, we think it’s important that our patients understand why we’ve chosen to perform minimal to non-invasive treatments at our clinics. In this blog post, we’ll be sharing Sharon’s experience with CoolSculpting at our Harley Street cosmetic clinic from start to finish.

As a woman who has always been self-conscious about her body, Sharon consulted with a plastic surgeon and decided that liposuction would be the best course of action to get rid of unwanted fat on her stomach – she was finally on her way to that perfect bikini body… or so she thought.

While the liposuction did eliminate some of Sharon’s unwanted fat, it left her with nodules and lumps, which didn’t necessarily make her want to run and put on her new post-surgery bikini. She decided to look up a reputable cosmetic clinic in London. It wasn’t a hard choice – Revere Clinics came highly recommended by friends and colleagues, as a prestigous clinic with the experience needed to solve her dilemma with ease.

Unfortunately, we weren’t surprised with what we saw when Sharon showed up at our Harley Street Clinic for a consultation with Dr Sach Mohan. Dr Mohan explained that while liposuction is an effective treatment for eliminating stubborn fact, after a year, the fat returns and is just stored in a different part of the body – he also explained the side effects associated with liposuction, which include irregularities in skin shape, (as what happened with Sharon) skin discolouration, accumulation of fluid, temporary or permanent numbness, skin infection, internal puncture wound and even on rare occasion, death.

As Sharon expected from a clinic with such calibre, Dr Mohan had an instant solution: CoolSculpting, a non-surgical fat freezing treatment that targets pockets of stubborn fat and freezes them, resulting in the fat cells being broken down and eliminated from the body via the lymphatic system. This would not only provide Sharon with more weight loss, but it would remove the nodules and lumps left from the botched surgery.

For Sharon, cost was a concern, especially after the liposuction procedure she had received proved to be quite costly. Luckily, CoolSculpting prices start at £500, saving her money in the bank while providing her with the weight loss she wanted and smoothened skin – a win-win situation.

Another concern of Sharon’s was CoolSculpting reviews she had read online. Why were some people saying CoolSculpting was the best thing ever, while others said it was ineffective? Mixed reviews can be a little concerning…

Rest assured that at Revere Clinics, we would never recommend a treatment which wasn’t effective, which is why Dr Mohan was able to show Sharon countless examples of patients he had treated personally – each one with astonishing CoolSculpting results.

With her mind at ease, they booked in a treatment, deciding to do 4 cycles of the treatment in one day, to effectively address the problem. Sharon left feeling more confident already after the reassurance she had received. For further reassurance, she looked up CoolSculpting London reviews and found that others had successful results with Revere Clinics —she slept easy knowing she had made the right decision.

On the day of the treatment Sharon arrived ready to say goodbye to her old stomach and hello to her new body. To begin, Sharon’s stomach was covered with a gel pad to protect her skin, and the treatment applicator was then placed on top. Using this applicator, fat deposits were gently sucked inside from Sharon’s stomach and frozen at temperatures of up to -11°C. Once the area was frozen, Dr Mohan gently massaged the skin to break down the fat cells. Once this was repeated four times, Dr Mohan sent Sharon on her way with the promise that her stomach fat would melt away before her eyes.

Fast forward 12 weeks, and an exuberant Sharon returned to Revere excited to show off the incredible results. The lumps and nodules were gone and, in their place, a completely flat, smooth and toned stomach, this time she got exactly what she had been promised.

Did you know we also offer Hyalase Filler Correction?  This treatment corrects fillers that have been administered incorrectly or have produced undesirable results – because at Revere Clinics, we have a solution for everything.

So, if you’re suffering from liposuction gone wrong, simply want to get rid of that stubborn unwanted fat with CoolSculpting or try another one of Revere’s bespoke treatments, book your consultation today!

*The client name has been changed to respect her privacy.

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