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The Sculptra Butt Lift: The Safest Way to Enhance Your Curves

23rd Oct, 2018

The demand for cosmetic procedures, such as Geneveve, has increased dramatically and many are now seeking treatments such as the Sculptra Butt Lift to add visible volume and achieve a more pert shape to their bottom.

So, what does the procedure involve? Here’s what you can expect if you decide to go for this treatment.

Many of us have our own body woes and previous patients who’ve had this treatment, have previously disliked the way their bottoms look, even after trying other ways such as going to the gym or changing their diet. For them, the next suitable option is a cosmetic procedure in order to get their perfect bottom shape, that they’ve always dreamed of having.

The Sculptra Butt Lift is the safest way to enhance your curves as it is minimally invasive. Like all of Revere Clinics’ treatments, an initial consultation will take place with the patient. This is to determine whether in fact, this is the right option for the individual to have. Once any concerns and worries about the procedure are addressed by Dr Sach Mohan, the treatment can be booked in, with any additional sessions booked a month apart.

One session will cost £2,500, with the total Sculptra Butt Lift cost being around £7,500, depending on how many sessions are required. The procedure works through a series of micro-invasive injections, using a special product that thickens the skin and stimulates collagen. Unlike other procedures, like the Brazilian Butt Lift, this doesn’t require liposuction to gather fat from the body, to be injected into the bottom.

This is relevant as there have been a number of deaths from the Brazilian Butt Lift, a procedure that has risen in popularity recently. This procedure is a lot more dangerous and has seen many left with life-changing injuries where it’s gone horrifically wrong. It’s important when having any cosmetic procedure, to know all of the risks. If there’s a risk to your life, then no beauty treatment is worth that gamble.

The Sculptra Butt Lift treatment takes around 30 minutes in total and whilst the pain is minimal, a topical numbing agent may be added to minimise any discomfort during the procedure. There’s also no down time involved. Further sessions may be required depending on the result of the first treatment but the final results can last up to two to three years. These results can also be maintained with guidance from your cosmetic physician.

If you’ve been thinking about having this procedure, why not come into Revere Clinics, have a consultation to see if this treatment is right for you. Depending on the shape you’re after, it can sculpt a flat bottom to a more rounded one or a triangle-shaped bum into a fuller heart shape. It can also help with enhancing skin quality and the appearance of stretch marks. Book it in today.

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