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Get Body-Beautiful This 2018!

7th Jan, 2018

For most of us, the holiday season is a beautiful blur of delicious food, cheeky cocktails and fun times with friends. However, weeks of indulgence and celebrations can start to take their toll on your body. By January, you’re ready to make some healthy changes – and our Harley Street cosmetic clinic can help you on your path to looking and feeling great. Here are our favourite tips and treatments for achieving (and maintaining) your best body after the whirlwind of the holidays, so you can embrace 2018 with confidence!

Why is weight loss so challenging?

There’s no question about it: weight loss can be difficult (and it’s not just because cupcakes taste like edible heaven!). Even if you’re counting calories and exercising regularly, losing weight and keeping it off is incredibly challenging. Extensive research has revealed that a calorie is not just a calorie. The quality of the calories you consume is just as important as the number, and different foods have different metabolic responses, even if their calorie counts are the same [1].

The complicated matter of balancing nutrition and weight loss is compounded by the fact that, as you age, your basal metabolic rate slows [2], making it more difficult to bounce back from festive feasting. This is, in part, why you can follow a healthy lifestyle and still find it difficult to shed those last few pounds – and it’s why Revere Clinics offers effective, non-invasive fat reduction treatments like CoolSculpting and Aqualyx.

Beyond diet and exercise: targeting stubborn fat

At Revere, we pride ourselves on empowering our patients by helping them look their best, and CoolSculpting is one of the ways we do just that. As a non-surgical, FDA-approved alternative to liposuction, CoolSculpting uses freezing technology to target those pockets of stubborn fat that even a healthy diet and rigorous exercise can’t seem to shift.

During a CoolSculpting treatment, we place an applicator on the area being treated. The fat deposit is frozen, the fat cells are broken down and, over the next few weeks, the dead cells are eliminated naturally by the body.

One of the great things about CoolSculpting is its versatility. Using different applicators, we are able to treat a variety of different areas, including the abdomen, back, love handles, inner and outer thighs, chin, chest, knees and arms. As we like to say, if you can pinch it, CoolSculpting can treat it!

Another of our go-to treatments for fat reduction is Aqualyx, a fat-dissolving injection that uses deoxycholic acid to eliminate small fat deposits in hard-to-reach areas. The doctors at Revere Clinics pioneered the use of Aqualyx injections in Europe, and have even designed treatments such as the Fat Loss Facelift, which harnesses the slimming power of Aqualyx to create a more youthful appearance.

Working towards your best body is a noble objective for 2018, and the team at Revere Clinics has all the tools you need to achieve this goal. Book in for a complimentary consultation, and we’ll discuss your concerns before using these insights to design a treatment plan that is entirely bespoke to you. With a little help from Revere, 2018 will be your best year yet!



January Fat Loss Treatments for a Lean 2018

1st Jan, 2018

Once January rolls around, most of us are more than ready to ditch the flab we’ve acquired from overindulging in festive treats and one too many glasses of bubbly. But even as you embrace a cleaned-up diet and hit the gym, it can be difficult to get in shape – after all, the basal metabolic rate decreases with age [1], and body fat becomes harder to shift. Fortunately, our Harley Street cosmetic clinic offers a number of non-invasive treatments that, when paired with a healthy lifestyle, help reveal the leaner physique you’re working for in 2018.

truSculpt 3D

The team at Revere is thrilled to introduce our patients to truSculpt 3D, a fat loss treatment that is truly game-changing. TruSculpt 3D delivers radiofrequency (RF) energy in the form of heat to the area in question, and is specially designed to maintain comfortable temperatures and deliver heat efficiently for a quick treatment. Once the RF energy is applied, the body begins to process the treated fat cells, breaking them down and eliminating them to contour the body, with results showing after six to eight weeks.

But what truly sets this treatment apart is its versatility – truSculpt is able to target both large areas and smaller pockets of hard-to-reach fat, and it works on any skin and fat type, including visceral fat. While other treatments are better suited to isolated areas of fat, truSculpt can tackle more expansive sections and achieve impressive results. What’s more, the heat improves skin quality in the treated area, so you’re left with a slimmer figure and a better complexion.

TruSculpt 3D requires virtually no downtime, and patients usually see results after just one treatment. We’re confident that truSculpt 3D will help many of our patients reach their 2018 body goals, and we look forward to using the treatment to sculpt your ideal shape.


As the only FDA-approved treatment of its kind, CoolSculpting employs cryolipolysis technology to target, freeze and eliminate unwanted fat cells in specific areas. During the procedure, an applicator is placed on the targeted area. The fat deposits are painlessly sucked in, numbed and frozen, causing them to die. Then, over the next few weeks, the fat cells are broken down by the body – and your results begin to take form.

CoolSculpting is highly effective for areas like the abdomen, back, love handles, inner and outer thighs, chin, chest, knees and arms. Applicators of different sizes make this treatment so adaptable, we’ve come up with a catchphrase of sorts: if you can pinch it, we can treat it! Indeed, the Cosmetic Physicians of Revere Clinics have treated thousands of patients with CoolSculpting, marrying an artistic eye and medical expertise for stunning results – there’s no better clinic for CoolSculpting in London than Revere.


For smaller pockets of fat that are difficult to reach (think double chins or the stubborn fat above the knees), we often recommend Aqualyx, an injectable solution of deoxycholic acid, to dissolve fat cells. The injection liquefies the targeted fat cells, which are then processed and eliminated by the body. The team at Revere Clinics is highly experienced in the use of Aqualyx injections, and our doctors pioneered the use of the treatment in Europe. In fact, Revere’s very own Dr Sach Mohan even designed a highly effective non-surgical treatment, the Fat Loss Facelift, to specifically target unwanted facial fat with Aqualyx.

Our team’s expertise and masterful technique make Revere Clinics the go-to Harley Street cosmetic clinic for fat reduction. From truSculpt 3D, to CoolSculpting, to Aqualyx, we offer the treatments you need to achieve the slimmer figure you’re after in 2018. Book your complimentary consultation with one of our Cosmetic Physicians today – your fabulous new body awaits!


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